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Los Angeles’ Cocobella Creamery is a Vegan Dream Come True

Did you know Oreo’s are Vegan?

I did not until I became vegan. Loving Cookies N Cream ice cream my whole life I was halfway there. However, I was never really a huge ice cream eater. But like all ladies, we need our pints of ice cream every once in a while and for me finding a good vegan ice cream was a bit of a challenge seeing that I have an allergy to nuts; ALL NUTS.

Most vegan ice creams are nut-based, so for years, I have been without ice cream. Again it hasn’t been the end of the world since I am not a huge ice cream connoisseur, but it has always been on the back of my mind.


This past weekend I went to brunch at this little hole in the wall

Cocobella Creamery

It’s actually an ice cream parlor, but between November 2, 2019 and March 1, 2020 they have brunch.


Their brunch was fantastic! They have three items: The Slam, Burrito, and Monte Cristo. I had the Slam and it was so good and big for the price that I had to bring it home. It had tofu eggs, hash browns; vegan buttermilk pancakes (2) soy bacon and vegan sausages. The bacon was crispy and the pancakes were fluffy and honestly, I had to ask if they were really vegan because they tasted too much like regular buttermilk pancakes. Now as I said this place is normally an ice cream shop and all their ice cream is either oat-based or coconut-based.

YAY for me! I can finally try vegan ice cream.

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So after I boxed up my leftovers, I decided to try some samples of their oat-based ice cream. If you could have seen my eyes you would have seen them pop out of my head. I finally found ice cream, real tasty ice cream that I wanted to eat that I could eat. Cocobella Creamery was not only my new favorite brunch spot but also my new favorite ice cream spot. Growing up I loved having ice cream cakes for my birthday. However, after going vegan ice cream cakes were no more.

Cocobella Creamery: my birthday cake next year will be ice cream thanks to you.

Before I left I bought a pint of Cookies N Cream and as I have been nursing it a bit each day, even a bit for breakfast, I turned to my dog today and said “I am 40 years old I can eat what I want when I want.”

Thanks Cocobella Creamery for helping a Vegan with nut allergies finally have her ice cream and for having such amazing ice cream out there and brunch.

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