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S.R. Tonella Cellars: A Visit to Napa’s Rutherford Vineyards Reveals Incredible Tastes

Wine is adored by many people across the world.  Be it a man or a woman, every wine lover can tell you why they love this dark colored grape.

If you are a wine lover and visiting Rutherford in Napa Valley, California, then luckily you can get the high-quality wine without getting it on your nerves.

S.R Tonella Cellars has their own vineyards where they grow and harvest their vine.   Let’s know a bit more about S.R Tonella Cellars in detail.

About S.R Tonella Cellars


S.R Tonella Cellars is one of the handful of vineyards located in Napa Valley that produces a wide range of wines. It is the culmination of more than 100 continuous years in the wine business. Cultivated in a vertical cordon style, there is no trellis system which results in the healthy and robust vineyard. The owner of S.R Tonella Cellars is Steve Tonella who from an early age worked in the vineyards with his father and grandfather. When he grew up he worked across 3 continents and then decided to pursue his dream of producing Rutherford Cabernet Sauvignon into reality.

Types of S.R Tonella Cellars Wines





S.R Tonella Cellars has two vineyards where exceptional wines are made. These are J.J Ponti-Tonella and Morisoli Borges.


J.J Ponti-Tonella is located in the heart of Rutherford in Napa Valley. It is one of the handful vineyards in the area. Cultivated in vertical cardon style, the vines grown in this soil are rooted deeply to the ground that produces rick grapes.


Morisoli Borges is located in Highway 29’s west side. It is one of the premier Cabernet growing regions from the world. The soil of the vineyard is well-drained gravelly, carefully collaborated with SRT cellars, and meticulous sustainable farming of grapes that reflect the site-specific vineyard qualities and Rutherford Heritage.


Private Membership

S.R Tonella Cellars give you an opportunity to become its member and reap benefits, such as:

  • Napa Valley Concierge services
  • Member Events Gratis
  • Primary access to the library, large format wines, and reserve.
  • Winemaker Barrel Tasting & Private Tours
  • Shipping included to all allocations
  • Complimentary tasting
  • Ability to Configure wine allocations

 S.R Tonella Cellars offers a range of wines in different flavors. Whether you love the aromas of citrus and savory ginger or orange peel and fresh cut flower notes, you can get all flavors of fresh wine at S.R Tonella Cellars. To know more about their vineyards and type of wine they prepare and serve, visit



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