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Maude: Delicious Visit to Curtis Stone’s High-End Eatery in Beverly Hills

It would not be wrong to say that Beverly Hills has something for everyone. From shopping on Rodeo Drive to relaxing at the world-class spas to relishing mouth-watering cuisines at fabulous restaurants, this city is paradise for travelers.

If you’re looking to visit this enthralling city and looking to enjoy local and international delicacies, then don’t miss out on Maude. It is listed as one of the best new restaurants in the world by TIME, Travel & Leisure. Let’s find out what makes this restaurant so great and special!

Journey So far…

Celebrity Chef Curtis Stone is a key person behind the opening of this great restaurant. He opened it in February 2014 and since then it has received many prestigious awards and recognition from the James Beard Foundation such as 2015 Best New Restaurant semifinalist, 2014’s Best New Restaurant, 2015 Best Restaurant in Los Angeles, etc.

The amazing thing about this restaurant is, the team at Maude travels to each region of the surrounding territory to experience different food and wine and add them to their menu.


Different Menus at Maude Restaurant


You will be surprised to know that this high-end eatery offers a seasonally inspired menu every month.


  • January to March (Rioja- Spain)


Rioja- Spain is their first menu for the year. They call it “mixed salad”. After all, it has the best of everything. This menu includes the food made of locally grown red bell pepper, mushrooms, asparagus, and garlic. As the region, Rioja has a magnificent climate, agriculture, history and culture you will feel the blend of all these in Rioja-Spain menu.

If you are visiting this restaurant during this season, don’t forget to taste their Scrambled egg, artichoke truffle soup and of course legendary wines of Rioja.


  • April to June (Burgundy-France)


Don’t get disappointed, if you’re visiting Maude in Spring. Because they will bring you the most prestigious wine and finger-licking cuisine of Burgundy, France. Burgundy is globally renowned for producing exceptional wine and most-beloved Burgundian dishes.

Artichoke Truffle Soup, Apple Celery, Fennel, Fettuccine are the worth tasting dishes of the season.


Speaking of wine pairing, you have the option to choose between Village and Premier Cru. The village pairing includes some of the best-certified local wines of the region while the premier Cru intensifies older vintages with village tasting. So, don’t miss this rare opportunity to taste the iconic wines of Burgundy


  • July to September (Central Coast- USA)


Summer is the best time to visit this restaurant. That time it offers the mesmerizing menu of the central coast, USA. So, if you want to give your taste buds a good treat, visit Maude during the summers. You will be served by fresh ingredients and wine from Maude’s own backyard.


Their 24-seat dining room allows guests to have detailed and personal experience and relish some of the best foods and wines of the region. Maude takes a deeper look into different regions of central coast so that they can bring your 10-course mouth-watering menu, reflecting the culture and authenticity of each region.


If you are a wine aficionado, central coast wine pairing is surely going to amaze you. This wine pairing is mostly focused on locally grown grape wine called Varietal and Rhone wine. In addition to them, the wines from around the world will be available for you.


  • October to December (Piedmont Italy)


Coming to the final menu of the year, Maude takes you to one of the most prestigious wine regions in Italy. If you didn’t guess it already, let us tell you we’re talking about Piedmont. It is worth mentioning that, Piedmont wine is linked to decreasing the risk of certain cancers.


Talking about the Piedmont, Italy menu, it gives you the opportunity to taste classic Italian dishes such as Bagna cauda, pannacotta, Vitello tonnato, pasta, etc. To complement these dishes, this menu also includes powerful Barbaresco wine made of Nebbiolo grapes


These are the four menus from four different seasons you can taste at Maude Restaurant.


If you are planning to visit Beverly Hills with your friends and family, you should not forget to add this amazing restaurant on your travel bucket list. If you are interested to have a look their menu, food ingredients or dining setting, you may visit www.mauderestaurant.com.



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