‘Magical’ with a Full Mouth Feel – Silver Palm Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 — Wine Review


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I’ll always give you a clear, easy to read review of wines. One of the ways I do this is including info from the internet; then following it with my descriptions…

This review from the internet for this wine: “Handsome toasted-oak aromas and flavors add a little swagger to this richly fruity yet tannic and full-bodied wine. It is extremely dark in color, and saturated with ripe blackberry flavors that linger nicely on the finish.”

My take:



Had brought some Apothic Red to a party; and a guest said; oh you might like this and generously poured me a glass.

I sniffed the bouquet for a full minute if not more.

Sniffing the bouquet is not just an important step/ritual; but a vital moment in knowing the effect & potential of the wine.




The bouquet of 2013 SILVER PALM Cabernet Sauvignon is magical. I know right? But what it does is it envelops; it goes further than just your sense of smell. You breathe it in and it goes …further. It permeates. In a good way.


It is an intoxicating smell…not to be sarcastic…


The smell is bigger than the wine; it seems.


It has a full mouth body feel; it is rich and true.



It goes down smooth…so smooth for a cabernet. Some folks have trouble with a cabernet; this one has a feel that is rich and yet goes down smooth/light.

Still has full richness you want from a cabernet; but can go down easy.

There’s a lightness at first; a nice lightness & yet it’s still a cab; it’s lovely.

Great with drunken goat cheese [from Whole Foods]…

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p.s. With it I also recommend the healthy chocolate choice: Lily’s chocolate; no added sugar; lots of cacao [and stevia…]


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