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Manhattan’s La Grande Boucherie led by Executive Chef Maxime Kien Offers Inspired New Springtime Menu

Manhattan’s La Grande Boucherie Offers an inspired New Springtime Menu led by Executive Chef Maxime Kien.

Starting March 15, La Grande Boucherie is offering a new menu for Spring time. In addition to its best-selling current menu, the new items led by Executive Chef Maxime Kien promises dishes you won’t find on any other Manhattan menu, such as the refreshing Salad De Poireaux.

The goal of the menu under Executive Chef Maxime Kien’s leadership is to keep the plates simple and express the food’s pure expression, not to distract with too many flavors, but rather to be true to one specific flavor and present it in its best form.

Manhattan’s La Grande Boucherie
Manhattan’s La Grande Boucherie

Manhattanites and foodies already find the name La Grande Boucherie very familiar as it’s the most-booked restaurant in the city and the other NYC restaurants within the company include Boucherie Union Square, Boucherie West Village, Petite Boucherie.

Executive Chef Maxime Kien is a world-renowned chef with more than two decades of experience in fine dining. Growing up in the Côte D’azur region of Southern France, Maxime developed a deep appreciation for natural ingredients Southern France has to offer.




He has worked in several esteemed establishments around the country. The Hilton in Cleveland and Cincinnati, the only AAA Five Diamond recipient in Ohio and one out of 68 in the United States.  His most recent position was Resort Executive Chef at Nemacolin Woodland Resort, a 5 Star 5 Diamond property in Pennsylvania.

Over the next several months, The Group NYC is launching restaurants in major cities throughout North America and Executive Chef Maxime Kien is a leader in that revolution.

Today we walk through a decadent and delicious multi-course meal. 


Executive Chef Maxime Kien explains:


Tonight you’re gonna be tasting all the new dishes that started two nights ago. The idea would be to transition from what was done in the past and now with me coming in and bringing a different vibe.


People think about French food and they think about heavy food, a lot of butter, a lot of cream, strong flavors, but sometimes it’s depending on which part of France you come from, it’s gonna be something completely different.  If you drive for 30 minutes, it may feel like it’s the same region, but no, it’s gonna be different aromas, different flavors, different techniques. 

So tonight is going to be some dishes that we just started that are going to be a little bit more on the lighter version as we approach spring and summer.

I believe a good idea would be to start with the leek salad. It’s very light. The idea of taking a simple product [such] as a leek and then making it as your starter dish. I’m not trying to be pretentious. You can go anywhere in the city and you will not find a leek salad on any other menu besides us. I did that menu for my tasting for Emil (Stefkov), the owner, and he absolutely loved it.

And that, to me, was good recognition to put that on the menu because it’s simple it’s rustic, but it’s very flavorful; and you’re not gonna find it anywhere else. 

After that, the scallops. That’s another dish that I did for Emil and everybody loved it. And so we’ll be able to see dishes that have just gotten started.


I explain to Chef Max that I always look for a “story” within the courses, from starter to entree to dessert and more.  Is he telling a story with his courses? 


My story is: simplicity is best. I don’t try to do an overly-complicated dish that you’re not gonna be able to understand. So simplicity.  Taking a beautiful product as simple as a leek, [deciding what’s] gonna complement it, and it’s gonna give you a chance to be able to taste something that hopefully you’ve never tasted before, or not in that fashion at least. Being able to say, ‘Oh, you know what? That leek salad was so simple that it was beautiful. That’s what I’m trying to accomplish. That’s the whole story.’

Boucherie Old Fashioned Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Espolon Anejo, Lavender, Plum
Boucherie Old Fashioned Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Espolon Anejo, Lavender, Plum


Boucherie Old Fashioned

Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Espolon Anejo, Lavender, Plum

An excellent rendition of the Classic Old Fashioned. The lavender adds dimension to the nose. The Espolon Anejo added spice to the mouth. 


Chef Maxime Chien La Grande Boucherie Salad De Poireaux
Chef Maxime Chien La Grande Boucherie Salad De Poireaux


Salad De Poireaux

Braised leeks and smashed eggs vinaigrette topped with roasted hazelnuts.

This is a meal by itself.  Refreshing, but providing an earthy note.  An excellent palate cleanser.  But surprisingly filling starter dish.


Chef Maxine Kien's La Grande Boucherie Les St Jacques Roties
Chef Maxine Kien’s La Grande Boucherie Les St Jacques Roties


Les St Jacques Roties

Roasted scallops, thyme polenta, and herb salad

This was presented exactly as I could have wished for.  Per Chef Max’s suggestion, it was a simple dish, delivered incredibly well.  It was heaven to look at, smell and taste.  By my third bite, I still wanted more. 




Pan-Seared Mediterranean Branzino, topped with Olive Oil vinaigrette and watercrest salad.

A perfect combination of flavors.  The white fish was tender and flavorful.  The carrot, onion side was a partner without ever overwhelming the star of the plate.  Highly recommend.

Chef Maxime Kien's La Grande Bouchiere Flan Parisien
Chef Maxime Kien’s La Grande Bouchiere Flan Parisien


Flan Parisien

Vanilla Malagasy custard with gianduja heart

Pushing your spoon into the crust as it bursts creates a sensual triumph.  The flan’s crumbly, biscuit-like texture allows your spoon to ease in and pull out the most delicious Vanilla Malagasy.  You might promise yourself you’re only going to have one bite.  But this plate deserves more attention leaving you craving a second or third spoon visit.  And honestly, you’ll be dreaming about it again tonight.


Chef Max fulfills his promise.  Not only are the new menu items light, Spring and Summer-oriented, but they’re unique to Manhattan.


If you’re a passionate foodie who craves new and invented plated, full of original flavors, presented simply, but powerfully, you need to visit La Grande Boucherie



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