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Santa Barbara Celebrates 50 Years of Earth Day

The beautiful and bountiful Santa Barbara South Coast community lovingly makes the effort to deeply integrate sustainability into their way of life.

The area, full of majestic scenery and endless open-air experiences, is a delicious outdoor family-friendly playground with natural splendors.




It’s a challenge to celebrate this West Coast tourist attraction while we are all forced to stay home in-shelter, but Santa Barbara reminds us:

“When the time is right, the beauty of Santa Barbara will be here waiting for you. We promise it will be worth the wait.”



When it is safe to travel again, Santa Barbara offers many great options:

  • Eating Green in Santa Barbara
  • Sustainable Sips
  • Reading Over Streaming
  • Virtual Tours
  • Hike
  • Scenic Bike Trails
  • Stunning Waterfalls
  • More!
Diane Borget
Diane Borget's family moved to San Diego from Philadelphia just before her high school years and she has never recovered from the social ostracizing ;) She enjoys concerts, dinners, and any group settings :) Thank you for reading!
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