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DeBeers Diamonds Finally Reveals their 4Cs of Diamonds

DeBeers Diamonds Finally Reveals their 4Cs of Diamonds

De Beers was instrumental in characterizing the 4Cs of precious stones and has set the norms that others pursue for over 125 years. Today, their mission for flawlessness has traveled past these qualities and now go to new lengths to choose the world’s best precious stones for our adornments


De Beers True Brilliant


The De Beers True Brilliant is the best round splendid jewel, significantly better than all others. Just the most puzzling jewels that outperform their thorough benchmarks will gain this seal of endorsement. Their precious stone specialists utilize a unique method, created by De Beers Diamond Jewelers in 1998, to exclusively choose by eye those precious stones with consummately adjusted aspects and edges to guarantee greatest shimmer.


Fire, Life and Brilliance


De Beers True Brilliant jewels are those that radiance from each edge. This is seen by our eyes as Fire, Life and Brilliance; the three most basic components for all visual energy in a precious stone. ‘Fire’ is the rainbow of light you see when a precious stone is delightfully cut, ‘Life’ is the glitter and shimmer of a jewel and ‘Splendor’ focuses on the characteristic straightforwardness of a jewel, which prompts its brilliance.


The Iris


Seeing into the center of a precious stone to see each minute aspect superbly reflecting light isn’t simply something they save for themselves. Each De Beers Diamond Jewelers’ supporter has the chance to see the excellence of their round splendid precious stone for themselves with exclusive innovation – the De Beers Iris. Each store is outfitted with this novel demonstrator, enabling you to see through the eyes of a specialist.


The Twin Test


Experience reveals to us that two precious stones with the equivalent 4Cs, may not be similarly delightful. This is the reason every one of their precious stones is exclusively hand-picked by eye for its ideal feature edges and arrangement. This is the means by which they realize their jewels are exceptionally excellent. With the Iris you can see the distinction between a De Beers True Brilliant precious stone and one that neglects to satisfy our high guidelines for yourself.

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