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Baselworld: DiamondGroup’s Anke Schmidt, Frank Heringer reveal De Beers Diamond Grading Report

De Beers began the search for nature’s most exquisite and magnificent prizes over 125 years ago.  De Beers identifies the industry’s first diamond grading system with the introduction of the ‘4Cs’. This classification process is still used today.

The first De Beers Jewellers store opens at 50 Old Bond Street, London. Their London flagship store remains in this location today though their network of stores has since grown to over 30 worldwide.

The DiamondGroup has presented an extraordinary jewelry collection with the De Beers Diamond Grading Report. Managing Directors Anke Schmidt and Frank Heringer explain what it is all about.



What do you associate with the name ‘De Beers’?

Frank Heringer: It is an excellent seal of quality. The De Beers Group enjoys a legendary global reputation. The majority of consumers worldwide know the name.

Anke Schmidt: That is why we are all the more honored to be able to market our jewelry worldwide with certified gems from the De Beers Group.

How does the cooperation work?

Frank Heringer: We designed an exclusive collection of diamond jewellery. Only gems certified with the De Beers Diamond Grading Report are used in these pieces, which we offer in two qualities: G-si 1 and F-vs 1. The developments that have occurred in recent years show that ‘confidence’, as the fifth ‘C’, is becoming increasingly important in our profession.

Anke Schmidt: There is more to the cooperation than just the certificate. Each piece of jewellery is laser-cut with the certificate number, which makes each item uniquely identifiable. This also applies to earrings: each earring in the pair is individually ‘labelled’.

What does the product range look like?

Anke Schmidt: The range covers the most common genres of diamond jewellery. The starting programme includes rings, ear studs and pendants with diamonds weighing from 0.10 to one carat. In addition to the classic brilliant-cut diamond, the emerald, oval and pear cuts are also available. And we also offer very beautiful three-stone rings.

Frank Heringer: The designs reflect today’s zeitgeist and ‘speak’ an unconventional design language. The presentation is spectacular too: in addition to a high-quality hardwood box, we also have a special display, elegant packages and many other advertising materials.

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