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All the flavor, Lower Calories: Jennifer Lopez Launches RTD Delola Light Margarita

All the flavor, Lower Calories: Jennifer Lopez Launches RTD Delola Light Margarita

Delola, the premium line of ready-to-enjoy cocktails founded by Jennifer Lopez, announced today the expansion of THE HOUSE OF DELOLA, with a new Light Margarita Cocktail.


All the flavor, Lower Calories: Jennifer Lopez Launches RTD Delola Light Margarita

Delola Light Margarita is a lower in calorie twist on the classic Margarita cocktail, crafted with premium tequila and triple citrus. Jennifer Lopez created Delola as an easy, natural, lower calorie option for those who enjoy full-flavored cocktails.

Jennifer Lopez Launches RTD Delola Light Margarita

Delola Light Margarita (12.5% ABV) is only 125 calories per serving and was recently awarded the coveted Gold Medal at the San Francisco Ready To Drink Competition. on YouTube on YouTube

Delola Light Margarita is best enjoyed in a glass over ice and garnished with a fresh lime wedge.

Gold Medal at the San Francisco Ready To Drink Competition

Delola Light Margarita comes nearly one year after Delola disrupted the ready-to-enjoy category with premium spirit-based, full-flavored, mixologist-crafted cocktails in beautiful 750ml and 375ml glass bottles.

Delola makes enjoying world-class crafted cocktails simple, while maintaining a better-for-you lifestyle. Delola Cocktails are made with natural botanicals, are gluten-free, are lower-in-sugar and lower-in-calories than traditional cocktails.

“By introducing Delola to the world,

we wanted to provide world-class cocktails without all of the calories and effort.

The Delola Light Margarita is fresh and delicious with premium tequila and triple citrus notes…”

Jennifer Lopez

Delola Chairwoman

“…I think it’s the perfect ready-to-enjoy version of the most popular cocktail!  Whether you’re bringing a bottle to a BBQ during the warmer months or entertaining and gifting for get-togethers, the convenience and elegance of Delola Cocktails frees you up so you have more time to spend with friends and family.”

Delola’s master mixologist, Lynnette Marrero, collaborated with Jennifer to craft the new Light Margarita, alongside the three original expressions, Vodka-based Bella Berry Cocktail, Tequila-based Paloma Rosa Cocktail, and Amaro-based L’Orange Spritz.”

“The launch of Delola Light Margarita follows all the positive feedback we’ve received for our three initial cocktails. People today are more aware of the quality and ingredients in their drinks, and the fact that we’ve crafted mixology-level cocktails using natural ingredients is clearly resonating with consumers.”

“We’re also committed to ensuring Delola Cocktails provide a ‘better-for-you’ option with lower ABV, lower sugar, and less calories in each serving than traditional cocktails. Our Light Margarita was crafted with that in mind, and is 125 calories versus 220 calories plus for a classic margarita.”

Lynnette, who has decades of awarded mixology experience, continues to work with Lopez to create world-class crafted cocktails, that make elegant entertaining easy.

Delola Light Margarita is sold in a uniquely embossed glass bottle and will be available in 750ml (SRP $19.99) and 375ml (SRP $10.99) sizes.

Like all Delola Cocktails, it will be available in grocery and fine wine and spirit retailers, restaurants, and hotels nationally beginning in May 2024 with continued distribution throughout the summer.

Delola Cocktails was founded by international artist, actor, and entrepreneur Jennifer Lopez, her business partner Benny Medina and global drinks veterans Ken Austin and Jenna Fagnan.

The name Delola came from a long-time nickname given to Ms. Lopez; “Lola” thus Delola or “from Lola”.  Delola comes in four different expressions including, Bella Berry crafted with premium vodka, berry and hibiscus, Paloma Rosa crafted with premium tequila, grapefruit and elderflower, L’Orange Spritz crafted with amaro, orange and passionfruit and Light Margarita made with premium tequila and triple citrus.

Each product comes in 375ml (SRP $10.99) and 750ml bottles (SRP $19.99).  The liquids are spirit-based and made with natural botanicals, ranging from 10.5% (21 proof) to 12.5% alcohol (25 proof), are all no more than 125 calories per 5oz serving, and are gluten free. Since launch in April 2023, Delola has been awarded Gold at San Francisco’s World Spirits and Ready-to-Drink Competitions, as well as Platinum at LA Spirits Awards.

Visit @Delola on Instagram or its website

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