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Celebrate National Chocolate Ice Cream Day June 7 with Tillamook iScreen to Protect Your Ice Cream

Love The Chocolate Collection Ice Cream? Tillamook iScreen debuts to Protect Your Ice Cream

By now, the secret is out about the new, decadent Tillamook Chocolate Collection, with ice cream lovers coast-to-coast digging into the four new flavors from America’s fastest growing scoopable ice cream brand. on YouTube on YouTube

Love The Chocolate Collection Ice Cream? Tillamook iScreen debuts to Protect Your Ice Cream

The collection is so rich and delicious, you may not want to share a scoop with anyone else, from partners to siblings to roommates…even those kiddos.


Tillamook iScreen, a high-tech solution to protect your Chocolate Collection Ice Cream


And, you wouldn’t have to share, if only you could disappear it before they do. Enter the new Tillamook iScreen, a high-tech solution to protect your Chocolate Collection Ice Cream by making it hide in plain sight (say whaaaaat?), for sale on on June 7 to celebrate National Chocolate Ice Cream Day.

Celebrate National Chocolate Ice Cream Day June 7 with Tillamook iScreen debuts to Protect Your Ice Cream

With the Tillamook iScreen, you have a personal privacy shield that uses cutting-edge technology to make your Tillamook Chocolate Collection Ice Cream disappear right before your eyes (editor’s note: this is not magic, but it is magical).

The Chocolate Collection Ice Cream carton becomes invisible to the naked eye as it sits just behind the Tillamook iScreen in your freezer, so it’s kept safe and ready to eat, just for you. No more precious scoops lost to those pesky freezer grazers who may be on the prowl for a sweet treat.

How the Tillamook iScreen hides your Tillamook ice cream

How, exactly, does the Tillamook iScreen hide your Tillamook ice cream in plain sight?

They’re glad you asked: the Tillamook iScreen acts as an invisibility shield, using R&D that spans half a decade.

The magic happens with materials made from lenticular lenses, which use tiny ridges to bend light, tricking the eye to make what’s behind the shield, simply, disappear.

See the Tillamook iScreen in action and get your own at for $19.99 starting June 7, just in time to celebrate National Chocolate Ice Cream Day.

Have you tasted the new Tillamook Chocolate Collection Ice Cream yet?

Created for lovers of chocolate, the new collection is made with extra cream1 and 45% more cocoa than our classic chocolate ice cream flavors, creating richer, darker, decadent flavors that provide maximum delight by the spoonful.

Get your chocolate craving fix with four flavors, including:

  • German Chocolate Cake: This dreamy dark chocolate ice cream is mixed with a brown sugar coconut swirl, chopped pecans, and pieces of chocolate cake.
  • Brownie Batter: Fantastically fudgy, this extra creamy ice cream is chock-full of dark chocolate flavor and brownie bites.
  • Dark Chocolate Cookies & Cream: There’s nothing cookie-cutter about this new dark chocolate ice cream made with dark chocolate cookie pieces and flecks of cream filling.
  • Chocolate Hazelnut: Go nuts for rich chocolate with this dark chocolate ice cream with chopped hazelnuts and a hazelnut butter ribbon.

“We know Tillamook fans everywhere are crazy for the new Chocolate Collection and will go to great lengths to keep their freezers stocked with the goods – as they should,”

Kate Boltin

Vice President of Marketing at Tillamook.

“Some people are kind enough to share a spoonful here or there, while others are not, and that’s OK too. Honestly, that’s why we created the Tillamook iScreen, to keep unwanted spoons out of your Tillamook ice cream, so it stays, well, yours.”

The Tillamook iScreen was developed in partnership with HELOThere You Have It 3D, and Leo Burnett.

To learn more about the Tillamook iScreen, visit

Tillamook ice cream, including the Chocolate Collection, is available across the country at Kroger, Albertsons, Safeway, Publix, Ahold Delhaize, and many other grocery stores.

Find it at a store near you at and learn more at

About Tillamook County Creamery Association 
Founded in 1909 as a farmer-owned cooperative, Tillamook County Creamery Association (TCCA) achieved the distinction as a Certified B Corporation® (B Corp™) and prides itself on its commitment to bringing to market the most consistent, best tasting, highest quality dairy products possible.

Guided by the belief that everyone deserves real food that makes them feel good every day, Tillamook’s® internationally recognized, award-winning cheese, as well as exceptional ice cream, butter, cream cheese spreads, yogurt, sour cream and frozen meals, are made with unwavering values that never sacrifice or compromise quality for profit.

TCCA is owned by a group of farming families, primarily based in Tillamook County, Oregon. TCCA operates production facilities in Tillamook and Boardman, Oregon and employs more than 900 people throughout the state.

The Tillamook Creamery is the largest tourist attraction on the coast of Oregon and one of the most popular in the state, attracting more than one million visitors each year. For more information on TCCA and Tillamook, visit

1 Tillamook uses more cream to achieve a higher milkfat than is required.

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