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Guys, Here’s How to Actually Make Your Cologne Last A Lot Longer

You want to make a pleasant statement with your aroma.  You want it to last all day or all night.  Guys, here are some proven tips to help your cologne last longer.

The world has re-opened and it’s time to be out, get out, say hello, meet guys, meet girls, meet friends, fall in love.  But how?  Start with your scent.


As you walk out the door at the start of your day, you spray yourself with a hit of cologne, thinking it’ll be the perfect final touch as you launch into the best day ever.


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But by lunch time you realize all those delicious scents have drifted away to the point that you can barely sense it at all — and considering how much money you spent buying the bottle, it’s gone way too fast.

Here’s some good news! We can solve this!

Here are some of the best ways to extend the life of your favorite designer fragrance and keep yourself smelling fresh all day long.

DO: Apply right as you walk out of the shower.

We were taught to spray right as we walked out the door.  But nope.  Like so many other ill-advised life lessons, that’s poor thinking.  Actually, the perfect time to apply is within steps of getting out of the shower.  Why?  At that moment your pores are at their open positions allowing the scent to seep into your skin and allow that “long lasting” effect you’re wanting.

DON’T: Store your cologne bottles in the bathroom.

It’s steamy, wet, well-lit.  For all the reasons it’s a great spot for your to get tidied up and prepared for the day, it’s the same reason why it shouldn’t where you protect your valuable bottle of cologne.  Notice I said “protect”.  It’s an investment.  The ingredients have value.  Respect them and they’ll support you longer.  Steam, wetness and light all speed up the breakdown of your perfumes.  Instead, store them somewhere cool, dark, and dry, like your closet or nightstand.

DO: Moisturize before applying.

Think about how well a damp sponge absorbs everything.  You’re going to want your skin to be moist and your pores “open” (like a sponge) so that the fragrance will be easily absorbed. into your skin.  The drier you are, the less absorption and the faster those oils will evaporate.

DON’T: Apply directly onto your clothes.

Spraying directly on your clothes has never been a good idea.  Another ill-advised early life lesson. Not only will spraying the (probably alcohol-based) cologne damage your clothes, but the scene will disappear quickly – think about how much air breezes along your clothes.

DO: Layering creates welcomed enhancement.We like cake with layers, layered clothing looks good.  Same with your body. Matching soaps, body balms, after-shaves all to create a pleasing multi-dimensional, aroma “story” if you will.  By adding complementary scents, you are removing any competition and adding layers of flavors.  An orchestra of olfactory.


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DON’T: No Need to Overapply.

Different designers have different styles and some suggest going heavy.  But always, less is more.  When you over-indulge, you’re loading yourself up and heavy-handed is rarely the winner.  A few well-positioned sprays will do the job and you can always re-apply later in the day.

DO: Apply on your wrists.
Every father teaches their sons to sprayed cologne in the same place—their wrists.  This one’s actually not an ill-advised lesson.  It works.  Why?  Pulse points.  Where our veins and arteries are closer to the surface of the skin, it’s warmer than the rest of the body. This warmth helps the scent remain strong and linger.

DON’T: Rub your wrists together.

Nope.  Ill-advised lesson from Dad.  Rubbing your cologne between the wrists actually “bruises” the scent, so the fragrance will break down faster which is the exact opposite of our goal


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