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Loose your arm flab. Shape and Tone-up. In just minutes. Here’s how

You want to tone up, lose the arm flab and get yourself into shape in just a few minutes each day?

You’re in luck.

Put on your butt-kicking playlist, because you’re about to get sweaty and release all that bad energy.


Discover this healthy superpower

Even if you’ve never stepped into a boxing gym, the idea of throwing punches may feel a bit intimidating. But boxing is a fantastic total-body workout for all levels—beginners too.


There’s a reason why boxing is the workout of choice for so many (even celebrities and models). Yes, fighting is a strength and cardio workout in one, but let’s be honest — it’s the best way to connect with your inner badass.

Tone? Heck, You’ll sculpt your muscle.

Two-for-one cardio and strength workout, like boxing improves overall fitness. It doesn’t just boost your strength and cardio, it improves related skills like balance, coordination, and agility.  Think about it, you’re dodging hits and throwing counter punches with speed.

And no, it’s not just an upper-body workout.  When you’re doing it right (with proper form), you’re getting a full-body workout.  You’re extending your arms, but you’re driving power from your hips and left.  You’re working your back, shoulders and core.

You’re burning calories fast.

The main benefit for beginner boxers is cardiovascular. Boxing improves your resting heart rate and muscular endurance.  That increased stamina givse you in edge in your other workouts.


It’s healthy and tasty.  Find out more.

Boxing can burn 13 calories per minute.  That’s 200-400 calories in a half-hour session. That could be sparring or punching a bag. Take that biking, hiking, and running!

It’ll be your second favorite way to Release Stress.

Whatever’s stressing you out, boxing will help you calm down. It’s unlike any other workout.  It takes your total focus and the physicality of it is fully encompassing.  If you’re boxing, you need to be fully present.

Safely hitting something is a healthy and productive way to help you let go of tension, the rush of endorphins may make you happier too.

Diane Borget
Diane Borget's family moved to San Diego from Philadelphia just before her high school years and she has never recovered from the social ostracizing ;) She enjoys concerts, dinners, and any group settings :) Thank you for reading!
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