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Napa Valley Wine Train Rides again! Here’s the 2020 Schedule!

Wine lovers, get excited.  But don’t have a ‘killer’ night!

The Napa Valley Wine Train is renowned for its playful and imaginative day-trips through California’s Napa Valley. Over the years, the team has made its usual wine tour rides ‘extraordinary’ with themed stories, including beer and holidays, and even a few…. murder mystery trains.

Combining wine, food, and entertainment, the Napa Valley Wine Train

debuted its first ride with The Murder Mystery Company in April 2019, and also ran a special 1980s murder mystery train in September 2019.

Now, the popular train ride is back!

and there are so many more themes to choose from.

The new murder mystery trains are available on select dates, and themes vary based on the date of your trip.

Below are the dates and themes for 2020:

  • Feb. 22 – Crime and Punishment
  • Feb. 25 – Midnight at the Masquerade
  • March 2 – Crime and Punishment
  • April 25 – Crime and Punishment
  • May 15 – Death of a Gangster
  • May 29 – Crime and Punishment
  • June 12 – Death of a Gangster
  • June 27 – Crime and Punishment
  • July 16 – Totally ‘80s Totally Murder
  • July 30 – Dance with Death
  • Aug. 13 – Now you see it; Now you don’t
  • Aug. 27 – Death of a Gangster
  • Sept. 10 – Till Death Do Us Part
  • Sept. 24 – Till Death Do Us Part
  • Oct. 10 – Crime and Punishment
  • Oct. 24 – Wizarding World
  • Nov. 7 – Crime and Punishment
  • Nov. 14 – Crime and Punishment
  • Dec. 5 – Most Wonderful Crime (21 and older)

Also, guests are encouraged to dress up based on their theme. Whether it’s the company’s original storyline, the “Crime and Punishment” experience, an Agatha Christie, 1920s mystery. Or even the popular “Totally ‘80s” journey (another of the company’s storylines) takes you back to one of the more colorful eras.

This year new themes include another 1920s storyline about mafia-esque gangster, a 1950s-themed “Dance with Death” experience, a wedding-themed “Till Death Do Us Part” journey (where passengers are free to dress as a bride or groom), and even a whimsical “Wizarding World” experience. Harry Potter fans, set your calendars for October.

The tour’s incredible menu continues to be created by executive chef Donald Young, with desserts from pastry chef Chloe Rials.

Since it’s the wine capitol of the West Coast, the Napa Valley Wine Train, of course, offers has an impressive menu of amazing wines (for purchase).

Check-in for the Murder Mystery Tour begins at 5:30 p.m. and boarding begins at 5:50 p.m. Departure is scheduled for 6:20 p.m. (with return at 8:30 p.m.). The train leaves and returns from 1275 McKinstry Street in Napa, California.

Tickets start at $240 per person. For more information or to book your trip, visit the Napa Valley Wine Train website.

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