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Happy White Christmas! Top 5 reasons to make Michigan a Must-see this Holiday!

There’s no spot like Michigan for this season. With neighborly faces, unending cheer, and a wide range of delightful holiday decor, the Great Lakes State really comes alive each winter. At the point when you’re ready to cheers your Christmas spirit, visit these top 5 towns for the full experience.

5. Ironwood

Ironwood probably isn’t the most known spot of Upper Peninsula, however, that doesn’t make it any less great! During the Christmas season, this very close-knit neighborhood has an assortment of events, from showy shows to chamber ensembles. Regardless of whether you’re 8 or 80, you’ll figure out the delights of Christmas during a visit to Ironwood.


4. Rochester

When you’re prepared for a definitive tour of Christmas lights, head toward downtown Rochester for its yearly Big, Bright Light Show. Millions (truly, millions!) of lovely lights twinkle on every building, and there’s a Christmas magic fills the air.


3. Holland

It’s difficult to discover a Michigan town with more appeal during Christmastime than Holland. Concealed along the shores of Lake Michigan, this town shimmers with seasonal happiness and a lot of holiday themes throughout. The best part? Downtown Holland has warmed walkways that forestall ice and snow development, so you can walk around without the dread of slipping!

2. Christmas

With a name like Christmas, how could we ever leave this town off our list? This quaint but obviously bubbly spot surely satisfies its namesake, and no visit to Christmas is finished without a photo of the town’s truly epic Santa Claus! Christmas even has its own one of a kind postal station, so why not drop off your letter toward the North Pole while you’re there?


1. Frankenmuth

It’s nothing unexpected that Frankenmuth tops our list. This cherished Bavarian region grasps the Christmas soul all year with Bronners Christmas Wonderland, and December is a particularly gorgeous time to visit. Wonder about exceptional architecture, enjoy hot cocoa as you walk around Main Street, and wrap up your Christmas shopping all through town.

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