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5 Reasons SEO Is the Necessity of Online Merchandising

Anybody in this age that still doubts that SEO is the key to unlocking the potentials of your website is worse than Uncle Thomas. The world has not gone digital; the world is already digital. Having a website for your business is now more than a necessity, it now a must if you want to grow. Even fast foods have gone beyond having websites, they now have well optimized applications that you can use to order for food and have them delivered to your doorstep. Before I derail and end up talking too much about food, let me go back to the issue at hand.

To show you how important SEO is, many individuals have taken time to study, perfect the use of SEO and set up one SEO agency or the other. However, the internet itself has laid SEO bare and as such, you can now “do it yourself”. You do not necessarily need to employ the use of a magento ecommerce agency to take advantage of the possibilities of SEO.



To promote your business online, you need a good website and nothing will give you a better website than the application of search engine optimization. This is because most individuals search for what they need on the internet not by using the domain names of websites but via organic search.

If you are still not sure of what you stand to benefit from using SEO, allow me or instead, allow these five reasons to convince you.

Fast Loading Webpages

The use of SEO for online merchandising will ensure fast loading pages. The use of SEO will ensure that your webpages are well optimized to ensure that your webpages load within two to five seconds. SEO will optimize all the images on your website as well as other contents contained in it to ensure that your websites load as fast as possible. With the help of SEO, the incidents of lagging on your

Mobile Optimization

The world has gone mobile and virtually every establishment do not only have websites, they also have mobile apps to augment their websites. SEO will ensure that your websites are optimized such that individuals will able to access and make use of its features seamlessly. It will be a shame if a prospective client is lost because he can’t access your website because your website isn’t compatible with his mobile device.

Improved User Experience

If there is one reason why you should employ SEO for online merchandising, then it is because it will improve the user experience of your website visitors. SEO will ensure that features such navigation are simplified to make users want to continue surfing your website.

Higher SEO Ranking and Result Visibility

Most individuals consult the internet for solutions and they usually do this through organic search .i.e. they do it using search engine. These search engines usually have criteria with which they use in producing search results. By using SEO properly, you are assured of being among the top search results produced by almost every related search. This will in turn increase the amount of traffic your website will receive.

More Traffic and More Leads

With higher ranking and result visibility comes an equally increased web traffic and leads. There is not rational way with which your website will receive traffic if it doesn’t appear among search engine results. There is virtually no way your website will appear among the top search results if it does not meet the search engine’s criteria. With SEO you stand a higher chance of receiving substantial traffic and a high conversion rate as well.


About the Author

Junaid Ali Qureshi

is a digital marketing specialist who has helped several businesses gain traffic, outperform competition and generate profitable leads. His current ventures include Progostech, Magentodevelopers.online, eLabelz, Smart Leads.ae, Progos Tech and eCig.

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