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Orange County Business Man Turned Podcaster Is Changing Lives

TheNext90withNick Changing Lives

Serial Entrepreneur Nick Long is fulfilling his life-long dream by helping thousands achieve their own with the fastest growing podcast to date, TheNext90withNick. Along with the podcast, Nick has also created a mastermind group that focuses on achieving goals in relation to the Core 4: Body, Being, Balance, and Business. Recently Nick has joined forces with Andy Dane Media and Andy Dane Carter to push the Next90 MasterMind initiative to the next level.

Nick has spent the last 3 years, countless hours, and hundreds of thousands of dollars on his own personal development. With outstanding results, Orange County businessman, Nick Long, took to the airways to give away all his secrets to anyone with a desire to change and a willingness to listen.

In March, TheNext90withNick Podcast was launched, becoming the fastest growing podcast with more than 100k downloads in the first 90 days. The podcast goes live three times a week and has gone on to surpass motivational powerhouses such as Oprah WinfreyTony Robbins, and Joel Olestien. Listeners can stream the podcast via iTunesStitcher, and Own The Next 90.

Throughout his podcast, Nick shares his philosophy of chunking life down into 90-day increments and staying ruthlessly committed to big results across all areas of life.


In his 38 years, Nick has lived a very successful entrepreneurial life. He has built two 8-figure businesses employing more than 150 people using his Next90 philosophy. His successful businesses will have combined revenues of $25 million this year. Nick comments, “These are not my secrets to keep…they are my gifts to give away and I want everyone to live a life on fire.”

In a recent episode of his podcast, “I Like Results and I Cannot Lie”, Nick gives a breakdown of the MasterMind Group for the men who want to work one-on-one with Nick.

Twenty-four men will onboard the life-changing experience that will deliver individual successes. Participants will be required to assess their life, where they want to be, and set specific, measurable 90-day targets for each Core 4.

SOURCE Andy Dane Media

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