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Stella Artois Invites You to Gather Friends and Tune Into “STELLASPACE”

Actor Luke Evans records STELLASPACE, a sensory guide to mastering the art of beer sipping, in London. Fans can listen to the guide by downloading INSCAPE on iTunes. (PRNewsfoto/Stella Artois)
Actor Luke Evans records STELLASPACE, a sensory guide to mastering the art of beer sipping, in London. Fans can listen to the guide by downloading INSCAPE on iTunes. (PRNewsfoto/Stella Artois)

Stella Artois is asking people to consider a very important question: when was the last time you really savored a beer? Like it or not, life tends to get in the way of simple pleasures like enjoying a beer with friends. That is why Stella Artois is introducing STELLASPACE, an audio guide designed to help people focus on being present and truly enjoying a Stella Artois, narrated by newly anointed savoring expert and actor Luke Evans.

With the boom in mindfulness tools – apps, meditation studios, adult coloring books and other simple aids to help you pay attention to experiences and be present in the moment – Stella Artois sought to fill a white space by providing a way to help people master thoughtfully sipping their beer.  In STELLASPACE Luke Evans personally takes listeners through a 20-minute guide of what to focus on when enjoying a Stella Artois in order to experience the perfect sensory journey.

Twenty minutes may seem lengthy, but Stella Artois’ Master Cicerone® Max Bakker, one of only 16 world-renowned beer experts to have earned the illustrious title, determined it’s the optimal time needed to truly appreciate every sip of the full-flavored, classic Belgian lager.

From the ecstatic anticipation of the cold golden liquid meeting your mouth to feeling the tingle of the bubbles and tasting the aromatic flavors, Luke’s narration of STELLASPACE combines personal anecdotes from his fast-paced life and professional conquests (like slaying dragons or fighting criminal masterminds) with Stella Artois’ 600-year brewing legacy, mindfulness techniques from the modern meditation app Inscape, and expert inputs from the acclaimed palate of Master Cicerone® Max Bakker.

“Whether I’m traveling for work, on set for a new film, or dining with friends it’s so important for me to be able to focus completely on the moment,” said Luke Evans, newly anointed savoring expert. “And one of my favorite ways to connect with friends and family is over a cold beer, which is why I think STELLASPACE is brilliant – it provides a fun way to remind people to be present, make the most of their time and of course enjoy a Stella Artois while doing so.”

“STELLASPACE was designed to help people rethink how they enjoy a Stella Artois,” said Harry Lewis, vice president, Stella Artois. “People today live busy, hectic lives and our mission is to help bring more enjoyment to the limited time they do have – because we believe that everything can be made a little better with a great beer and great friends.”

And because beer sipping can happen in many locations and forms – around the dinner table, lounging poolside, or at a local neighborhood spot, partnering with Inscape to create an experience infused with mindfulness techniques allows consumers to become fully present as they savor their Stella Artois, no matter where they are.

“Inscape delivers modern meditation for modern minds. We help people find balance, heighten their awareness and live life to the fullest through unique, immersive experiences,” said Khajak Keledjian, founder and chief executive officer, Inscape. “With the addition of STELLASPACE to the Inscape app, we’re debuting an intentional, sensory experience that mixes mindful techniques and playful cues to explore Stella Artois like never before.”

STELLASPACE is now available by downloading the Inscape app on iTunes to access the full 20-minute guide or previewing a portion on YouTube. So gather the essentials – a cold Stella Artois, the iconic Stella Artois Chalice, a group of friends and some food or nibbles – and prepare to inhale… and exhale… on this journey into STELLASPACE.

The Ultimate Way to Savor a Stella Artois: The Limited-Edition Sip & Savor Chalice

Stella Artois Logo (PRNewsfoto/Stella Artois
Stella Artois Logo (PRNewsfoto/Stella Artois)

Properly enjoying a Stella Artois is about more than just the time it takes to drink one,  it’s making sure you get the most out of every sip – but the number of sips it takes to enjoy a beer is currently up for debate online. Stella Artois and Master Cicerone® Max Bakker are here to say a Chalice of its premium lager is best consumed in 12 sips…but we won’t judge if it takes you 11, or even 13.


To help ensure you savor properly the next time you’re sharing a Stella Artois with friends, the brand is introducing a Limited-Edition version of its iconic Chalice that has been designed to enhance your drinking experience. The Limited-Edition Sip & Savor Chalice features “sip markers” to provide a playful guide drinkers can follow in order to slow down, enjoy the moment and truly savor a Stella Artois.

The Sip & Savor Chalice can be used in tandem with STELLASPACE or on its own at any social gathering, and is now available for $12.00 at while supplies last.

Adding More Joie to Everyday Occasions

STELLASPACE is an extension of “Joie de Bière,” Stella Artois’ new campaign that highlights the brand’s trademark sophistication – injected with its signature European wit and charm – to inspire people to savor life’s simple pleasures. The campaign launched earlier this year with the debut of a new television spot – “Les Pockets” – that illustrates how much more enjoyable life can be when you take a moment to truly savor a Stella Artois.

To continue spreading joie this season and beyond, Stella Artois is also encouraging fans across the country to make the most of the time they have both offline and online:

  • “Joie de Bière” comes to life online: To inspire people to experience their summer to the fullest, Stella Artois is partnering with charismatic influencers to share their perspective on how they savor everyday moments with great beer and great friends.
  • Savoring at food festivals nationwide: Food and beer pairings are one of life’s most simple pleasures and an easy way to literally savor the moment. That’s why Stella Artois is teaming up with local chefs to curate unique culinary experiences for consumers at food festivals nationwide, including Chicago Gourmet, The Taste, LA, Greenwich Wine + Food Festival, Eat, Drink, SF and more.
  • Inspiring people to live by the “Joie de Bière” mantra: The brand will inspire New York Cityresidents and visitors alike to savor a Stella Artois using dynamic out of home billboards that deliver tailored messages based on the weather and time of day, as well as select large-scale wallscapes and taxi top messaging.

For more inspiration on how to savor, visit and share how you’re savoring the moment with @StellaArtois and #SavorStellaArtois.

For additional images and behind-the-scenes footage of the making of STELLASPACE, please visit the Anheuser-Busch Newsroom.

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