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Skinny Miss S. Was Very Depressed by Stacey Lane: Book Review- In my Thoughts

Skinny Miss S. Was Very Depressed is a book written and illustrated in order to capture and enlighten the minds of people that don’t...

Depression comes in Different Forms without even noticing – Skinny Miss. S. Was very...

Before reading Skinny Miss S. Was Very Depressed, I thought depression basically meant being in a very low state of life emotionally, psychologically, spiritually...

Doctor + Therapist+ Support Group= DTS, Author Stacey Lane helps

In order for someone to successfully treat depression, one has to have the tools in order to do so. You cannot do it alone....

Travel: The Stylish Traveler Favorite Needs

Staying stylish while you travel isn’t difficult, but it does take some careful planning and selection. The key is picking items that look chic...

21 Things To Stop Giving A Shit About In 2015

This is a re-published article.  Find the original at Huffington Post here. As we enter a new year, there are many things to keep in...



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