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This Valentine’s Day Angel’s Envy Offers the Perfect Finishing Touch to Your Gift

This Valentine’s Day: Angel’s Envy Offers the Perfect Finishing Touch to Your Gift

ANGEL’S ENVY®, the Louisville-based distiller that produces finished whiskeys, is introducing a unique way to infuse a personal touch into your Valentine’s Day gift. By providing a skilled watercolorist to craft a complimentary custom image of you and your loved one this Valentine’s Day, ANGEL’S ENVY is going beyond the customary greeting card and creating a keepsake “worth the envy.”

Now through February 6, fans across the U.S. can visit the ANGEL’S ENVY website to claim their complimentary personalized watercolor card created by artist Kristen Baker.

The offer is extremely limited, as Kristen hand-makes every unique portrait herself. Upon submitting their information and uploading the desired image for the card, fans will receive an email confirmation indicating that their order has been accepted and is on its way.

“ANGEL’S ENVY is a brand known for bringing secondary finishing to the forefront of bourbon in the U.S.,”

Andrew Mondzelewski

Marketing Director at ANGEL’S ENVY.

“To that end, a personalized greeting card makes for a perfect finishing touch when paired with a bottle of ANGEL’S ENVY for our fans to celebrate their loved one this Valentine’s Day.”

For those in New York City during the week of Valentine’s Day, visitors purchasing an ANGEL’S ENVY bottle or enjoying an ANGEL’S ENVY cocktail at select locations will be eligible to receive a personalized greeting card. Kristen Baker will be present to craft a watercolor portrait and engrave a special message on their bottle of ANGEL’S ENVY*. As an added offering, ANGEL’S ENVY will feature a poet from The Poetry Society of New York, equipped with a vintage typewriter to compose a heartfelt poem created about their loved one, enhancing the sentiment of their one-of-a-kind Valentine’s Day gift.

Participating locations include:

  • The Parlour Room (70 W 36th St. #1A, New York, NY 10018)
  • Refinery Rooftop (163 W 38th St, New York, NY 10018)
  • Bowery & Vine Wine & Spirits (269 Bowery, New York, NY 10002)
    • *ANGEL’S ENVY bottles available for purchase

ANGEL’S ENVY is a Louisville, Kentucky-based distiller that produces finished whiskeys. Founded in 2010, ANGEL’S ENVY was among the first American whiskey producers to employ a secondary finishing process broadly across its portfolio. Today, each of its award-winning whiskeys are finished in hand-selected barrels to add a distinct layer of flavor and complexity, and the ANGEL’S ENVY team continues to produce several highly acclaimed core offerings – a Kentucky Straight Bourbon Finished in Port Wine Barrels and a Rye Whiskey Finished in Caribbean Rum Casks – as well as a variety of innovative, special releases.


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