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Tulia’s new generation of healthy snacks features Mediterranean wonder sweet tahini

Tulia is the Mediterranean brand introducing a new generation of snacks featuring the world’s first naturally sweet tahini

offering wholesome nutrition through irresistible flavors

Tulia, a Mediterranean brand, seeks to change the way Americans snack through its new collection of on-the-go superfood snacks—combining excellent nutrition with mouthwatering flavors.




“Our goal is to provide a healthier alternative to sugar-loaded snacks,

without compromising the luscious flavors we all crave,”

says Tulia’s founder & CEO, Gadi Friedman.

“Our snacks are made with three to four ingredients that have been enjoyed by Mediterranean families for centuries.”


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Tulia’s on-the-go snacks satisfy all—from health nuts to the pickiest eaters.

“Growing up in Israel eating a Mediterranean diet taught me that delicious food can go hand in hand with first-rate nutrition. This principle guides the Tulia vegan snacks collection.”

Ethically Sourced, Timelessly Crafted
Tulia’s naturally sweet tahini snacks are plant-based, organic, and certified kosher. Nut-free, gluten-free, and dairy-free, they invigorate the senses with an incredible taste and melt-in-your-mouth creamy texture, while simultaneously providing exceptional nutritional value.


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Stone-ground, organic tahini—made with sesame seeds from Ethiopia’s Humera region—is produced through a traditional process that preserves its nutritional properties. Tulia’s tahini is paired with ethically-sourced Mediterranean ingredients—including dates, apples, and pomegranates—to create the natural sweetness of these healthy snacks.

Enjoy with the Whole Family
Tulia’s on-the-go snacks satisfy all—from health nuts to the pickiest eaters:

  • Kids (and parents!)
  • Paleo-diet followers
  • Outdoors adventurers
  • Runners, hikers, and mountain bikers
  • Working professionals

These energizing, low-glycemic snacks—with no added sugar—are also free of the eight most common allergens—including milk, eggs, peanuts, wheat, and soy—making them a safer, healthier snack alternative for kids and adults.

Spread Tulia on a bagel or toast. Add it to your oatmeal. Enjoy it straight out of the pack. There’s no limit to how Tulia can be savored and shared with the whole family.

Ideal for an active lifestyle, Tulia snacks are conveniently packaged in beautifully designed 4.2oz (42g) tear-away pouches. They come in four delectable flavors:

  • Chocolate
  • Apple Cinnamon
  • Pomegranate
  • Mighty Date

Currently, Tulia ships within the USA. Try all four robust flavors by purchasing the Variety Pack ($39 plus shipping). Tulia stands proudly behind its snacks, offering a 100% risk-free Happiness Guarantee.

Learn more about Tulia’s exciting new snacks and unique vision at or email us at


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