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Tyra Banks Ice Cream Custard SMiZE is a Delicious Inspiration, with a Surprise Twist

Supermodel and Reality show host Tyra Banks launches ice cream custard SMiZE as a delicious inspiration, with a surprise twist.

Psst…here’s the scoop!

SMiZE Cream — the ice cream that inspires you to reach for more than just a spoon — is excited to announce the

official launch of SMiZE Cream



Tyra Banks for Smize Ice Cream custard
Tyra Banks for Smize Ice Cream custard Photo by Massimo Campana

with nationwide shipping AND the grand opening of its first-ever ice cream shop location in Los Angeles, following its Spring 2021 pop-up in an adjacent location.

With the help of some of the best ice cream purveyors in the country, including SMiZE Cream’s Ice Cream Scientist, Dr. Maya Warren, Tyra has created a decadent custard-style ice cream that’s a luxury for the taste buds, full of surprises and inspiration.

But the fun doesn’t stop there

When Supermodel, Super Businesswoman and now Super Ice Cream Connoisseur Tyra Banks, set out to create a super-premium ice cream brand, she knew SMiZE Cream couldn’t be just any ordinary treat.


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Tyra decided to hide a yummy SMiZE Surprize at the bottom of every cup

a chunkalicious Cookie Dough truffle covered in naturally-colored sprinkles –  a tasty reward that symbolizes what the brand stands for: GOAL GETTING & DREAM CATCHING.

Ice cream lovers all across the country who can’t make it to the new Los Angeles area shop will have something to celebrate: nationwide shipping!

SMiZE Cream will be delivered across the USA in a special Creamz & Dreamz Box themed to SMiZE Cream’s mascot, DJ Splitz and her beatz. The box includes unique AR experiences and other fun surprises.

“It’s official, baby!

Now everyone in mainland USA can enjoy the creamy, dreamy taste of SMiZE Cream,”

says Banks.

“Bite after bite, taste test after taste test, the nationwide launch of SMiZE Cream is by far my most delicious, chunk-a-licious accomplishment.

Ever since I was a little girl, my mama and I have been obsessed with the creamy, crunchy, ooey-gooey comfort and delight of ice cream. Everybody has their own unique stories and moments with ice cream at the center of them—hot summer days, celebrations, even broken hearts—but ice cream always made it better.”

Banks continues:

“You might be saying ‘Tyra, what’s different about your ice cream?’  I’ve got news for you…


It’s technically a delectable frozen custard. AND we’ve got a yummy SMiZE Surprize hidden inside – a huge chunkalicious cookie dough truffle!  So dig baby dig for that Surprize!


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SMiZE Cream launches with seven signature flavors:

  • The Best Vanilla I Ever Had
  • Strawberry BirthYAY! Cake
  • Brownies, I Love You!
  • Purple Cookie Mon-STAR & Me
  • Salted Caramel King
  • Cookie Caramel Queen
  • Chocolate Barbeque
  • And a soon to be announced exciting major collaboration!

Each ice cream flavor is served in limited-edition individually packaged servings, complete with a unique AR activation per ice cream flavor that happens right on your cup.

SMiZE Cream is not just about deliciousness. SMiZE Cream was once just a dream for Tyra and is now a reality.  But Banks didn’t do it alone, she surrounded herself with experts in their fields. Finding the right experts can be difficult and often we don’t know where to look. To help others achieve their dreams, Banks has created a mentorship program called The SMiZE Goalz & Dreamz Factory.

To launch the first phase of the program, SMiZE Cream is partnering with Eldera, the global intergenerational mentoring platform. The program will strategically partner young goal-getters with experts that have at least 6 decades of life experience and who have valuable advice and information to offer the next generation.  This program will help connect these generations together to bring new dreamz to life.

The SMiZE Cream shop is located blocks from the beach at Santa Monica Place in Santa Monica, California. Doors officially open Friday, July 2 at 4:00pm PST.

To order SMiZE Cream, learn about the mentoring program, join the community and more, go to

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