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Is Hawaii Re-Opening? Governor Ige Gives Green Light for Vaccine Exemption Program

Is Hawaii re-opening?

Hawaii Governor David Ige gives approval for a vaccine exemption program for visitors.

The exemption will allow those who have been inoculated against Covid-19 to travel to Hawaii without undergoing testing or quarantine.

The program may rollout as early as May, according to KHON.

The program, which still needs approval from HIEMA director General Kenneth Hara, has received encouragement from Hawaii Lieutenant Governor Josh Green who shared that he and Hara are “all for it” and are supporting as needed.

“General Hara and I are in lockstep to get this done,” said Green. “

Really, it was a good day when the governor agreed to go this direction. This is the game-changer for Hawaii.”

Hawaii is working with recognized companies, including CommonPass and Clear as well as First Vitals to develop a digital platform that streamlines the process. However, travelers may just show their vaccine card and valid identification at the boarding gate.

Green noted that this was the

“natural evolution of our Safe Travel Program.”

Travelers who are not yet vaccinated are still able to travel to the island destination and can avoid quarantine by getting tested for Covid-19.

“So we don’t discriminate against anyone, if they are against being vaccinated and they want to travel, they can just get a test, no big deal,” Green said.

“So people will have choices. We always believe that people should be treated fairly.”

The vaccine exemption might begin as early as May 1, with the roll out plan announced the week of April 12.

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