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Dream Wedding! Find out Why Las Vegas’s Valley of Fire is the #1 Wedding Destination

A new trend is emerging in the Las Vegas wedding scene–couples are forgoing traditional indoor weddings and instead opting to exchange their vows in one of several scenic outdoor locations in the Las Vegas area–Valley of Fire has recently become a top destination for couples looking to tie the knot in Sin City.

Scenic Las Vegas Weddings, a local wedding destination and photography business, has named the Valley of Fire the most popular outdoor wedding destination for 2020.

Your wedding is the beginning of your new future. So start of your new future with an amazing wedding at an unbelievable location like Valley of Fire.

Valley of Fire State Park is located just 50 miles from the Vegas Strip. It gets its name from the deep red sandstone formations that seem to materialize up from the ground. These unique rock formations, coupled with the striking desert scenery, combine to make Valley of Fire a truly amazing place to have a wedding.

“Couples come to Las Vegas looking to elope or get married all the time,”

says Scenic Las Vegas Weddings owner Trey Tomsik.

“Over the past six months, we’ve noticed a huge increase in demand for couples wanting to get married in the Valley of Fire. They’re looking for something different than the stereotypical Elvis on the strip wedding.”

“I think a contributing reason as to why Valley of Fire is so popular is due to people wanting to get married in epic locations,” continued Trey. “Valley of Fire offers an out-of-this-world landscape that has to be seen to be believed. Sunset is one of the most requested times of the day to conduct the wedding ceremony in Valley of Fire—as the rays of the evening sun light up the rocks as if the entire landscape was on fire.”

Established in 2000, Scenic Las Vegas Weddings is a full-service Las Vegas destination wedding firm that offers couples the chance to get married and have photos taken in one of several iconic Las Vegas outdoor locations. The company was founded by Las Vegas native Trey Tomsik who has a lengthy career as a professional wedding photographer. For more information on Scenic Las Vegas Weddings or to speak to Trey, please visit our website at

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