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Champagne Sales Sparkle in Los Angeles as Biden Annc’s Presidential Victory

Los Angeles is celebrating!

Local Southern California wine shops soar with sparkling wine sales over the past several days after the Saturday morning news that Joe Biden had officially become the next president-elect.

The city-wide party meant more wine and plenty of sparkling wine!

Vinovore in Silver Lake

Locals took over the street with dancing through Sunset Junction, honking horns and blasting music.

The store’s management remarked Election Week was really more for stress drinking, while the weekend was for celebration.

Silverlake Wine

People danced in front of their Glendale Boulevard store. Management had to call their distributor and order more champagne immediately as they started to sell-out.

San Antonio Winery in Lincoln Heights

Sales increased more than 50% as Stella Rosa sparkling wine was in high demand.


Elizabeth Delphin
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