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Hollywood Bowl 2020 Concert Season Canceled due to Coronavirus

The Hollywood Bowl has announced sadly the cancelation of its entire 2020 concert season, officials confirmed Wednesday.

The Los Angeles Philharmonic Association, which runs the Hollywood Bowl, shared that it will be canceling all concerts at both the Hollywood Bowl and its smaller sister venue Ford Theatre.

The Hollywood Bowl’s concert season runs from May through October.

These cancellations are expected to create a jolting $80 million budget shortfall for the LA Phil.




Before this, LA Phil had already laid off its part-time help and cut salaries more than 30% percent throughout the organization.

This is the first time in its almost century-long history that the Hollywood Bowl has canceled a season, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The Hollywood Bowl first opened in 1922.

“The cancellation of our summer programs…

…and the resulting impact on our musicians and staff is devastating,” LA Phil CEO Chad Smith said in a statement.

“We are all broken-hearted by the effects of this crisis…

….and share the disappointment of all those who look forward to the Bowl and Ford seasons every year. As we deal with this public health emergency, our task now, which we share with all of Los Angeles, is to go forward with strength and resilience, knowing we will get through this with one another’s help. The LA Phil has been here for more than one hundred years, and the Hollywood Bowl and The Ford for almost as long. We are doing what is necessary to ensure that we are all here for the next century.”



LA Phil also operates Downtown LA’s Walt Disney Concert Hall, which has already canceled all its shows.

It remains undecided whether other major concert venues, such as the Greek Theatre will be forced to follow suit.

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