Autonomous Cars: Get Driverless and Get More ‘Sexy Time’ ?


Self-driving vehicles will begin an ascent in vehicle sex, as per another investigation.

Individuals will be bound to eat, rest and participate in out and about hanky-panky when robot vehicles become the new ordinary, as per research distributed in the latest issue of the diary Annals of Tourism Research.

“People will be sleeping in their vehicles, which has implications for roadside hotels. And people may be eating in vehicles that function as restaurant pods,” Scott Cohen, who led the study, told Fast Company magazine.

“That led us to think, besides sleeping, what other things will people do in cars when free from the task of driving? And you can see that in the long association of automobiles and sex that’s represented in just about every coming-of-age movie. It’s not a big leap,” said Cohen, a director of research for the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management at the University of Surrey in England.

Alongside roadway hookups, the report likewise predicts that self-driving vehicles will put prostitution on wheels.

“It’s not impossible or that far-fetched to imagine the red light district on the move. Prostitution doesn’t need to be legal for this to happen. Plenty of illegal activities happen in cars,” Cohen told the magazine.

He added, “Where prostitution is legal, and regulations allow AVs to develop fast and be on roads quickly, we could see this come together rapidly. Europe is one of those places.”

Altogether, 60% of Americans have just engaged in sexual relations in a vehicle, as indicated by the report, which notes sex in self-driving autos will be across the board by the 2040s.