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Los Angeles Digital Marketing: United Digital shares 10 fast ways to Grow Your ECommerce sales

Joe Wehinger is the owner and CEO of United Digital & Associates.  They just celebrated 10 years in business providing digital media and digital marketing solutions to clients ranging from entrepreneurs, corporations, non-profits and more! The below is a summary of his article.  To read the full article with all of his tips and suggestions, visit their website at: or their company blog: Looking for ways to grow your eCommerce sales? Business are always looking for ways to improve strategy. Below I’m going to highlight the best eCommerce marketing tips that can help you to grow your sales. 1.Grow your email list According to the future of Customer Engagement and Commerce, only 3% of visitors actually make a purchase during their first visit. They further stated that people visit a website multiple times before making a purchase. Return visitors are 2-3 times more likely to buy the product. This shows that to maximize your revenue, you should look for the more ways to connect and build relationships with your visitors so they come back to your site. 2. Reduce the Abandonment of Shopping Cart According to Baymard Institute, the average shopping cart abandonment rate is 69%. This shows that majority of people add products in their cart but don’t end up buying them. So, it completely depends on you to convince them to come back and make the purchase. To reduce shopping cart abandonment, you can:
  • Simplify your checkout
  • Send emails of shopping cart abandonment
  • Use exit pop-ups to cart abandoners
  • simplify navigations and checkout process
  • Offer free shipping
  • Offer guarantee of the price match
3. Cross-sell and Up-sell your products Upsell is a process in which you are trying to sell a more expensive product than what your customers have already decided to buy. This could be the same product with extra features or higher or better model of the product. One of the leading sites like Amazon has been doing this for several years. One such example is Canon EOS 60D when you trying to make a purchase for it, they offer you Canon EOS 80D which has advanced features, but a little more expensive. On the other hand, Cross-selling is a process in which you offer an item similar to the one a customer is currently buying. According to Predictive Intent data, more than 4% customers will agree on upselling, while only 0.2% will take the call on cross-selling. 4. Send behavior targeted emails There was research held by MarketingSherpa, according to which around 39% marketers found that emails that are triggered to behavior are the most effective email marketing strategy. Some behavior emails targets include:
  • Which emails are opened by the users
  • The follow-up and initial offers people subscribed to
  • Links people clicked on in the email campaigns
  • last time visitors visit your website
  • Last time people purchased from your site
  • Last time subscribed read your emails
5. Generate more product reviews Product reviews play a vital role in your eCommerce store. They can help you increase the conversion rates and according to iPerceptions study, 63% of consumers are more likely to buy from a website with good product reviews. Even according to a study by Reevo, 50 or more than that can increase conversion rates by 4.6%. There are 18% average increase in eCommerce sales and the reason for this is simple- customers rely on and trust more reviews than product descriptions. To encourage them, you can offer great discounts to them so if someone is receiving products within 24 hours, you can send him/her email. To read the full article with all of Joe’s digital marketing tips and suggestions, visit their website at: or the blog here.
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