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More than 20 Things to do in Los Angeles on Christmas Day

Not everyone likes to spend their Christmas Day at home by just singing Christmas carols and unwrapping gifts. Here are some suggestions for fun things to do in Los Angeles on and interesting places to visit on the Christmas day with your friends and family that have nothing to do with open fire and chestnuts.


1) Pacific Park


Everyone is aware of the fact that Disney world is open and extremely full on Christmas Day. At Pacific Park, you can enjoy a number of rides such as bumper cars, roller coaster, and more. Get ready for an astonishing experience at the Santa Monica Pier on Christmas Day.


2) Ice Skating


This is one of the best outdoor activities to do on Christmas Day with your family and other close people. Put on T-shirts, tie-up your skates, and click family and group photos while skating at one of our best ice skating rinks in Los Angeles.

3) Christmas Lights Display in the Neighborhood


Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, nothing can be more fascinating than taking a look at the colorful Christmas lights as an after-dark activity. There are lots of places in LA to take a look at must-see landmarks and neighborhoods. Have you ever done this activity? For a new experience, explore Orange County’s lights.


4) Angeles Flight


This activity is almost in every one’s ‘Christmas Day to do’ list. This offers a great opportunity to ride the classical funicular railcar and find parking downtown easily. If you get this chance, don’t miss it.


5) Make Withdraws at the Sprinkles Cupcake ATM


Beverly Hills in LA is the perfect spot to go on Christmas Day for window shopping (just taking a look at eye candy and lights). The best part of this outing is to stop at the Sprinkles Cupcake ATM and make a sweet withdrawal.


6) OC Fairgrounds: Winter Fest


OC Fair of Costa Mesa and Event center organizes winter fest for families so that they can get the best out of the winter holiday season with ice skating, ice turning, snowfall, live entertainment, film viewing, and more, including Christmas Day.


7) Whale Watching


This is another thing you can do to make your Christmas a great experience. The season of whale watching starts in December. At this time, these giant mammals begin their journey in the search of Mexican romance. Reserve your whale & dolphins watching cruise ticket and beat the Christmas crowd today.


8) Take a Hike


If you love adventure, think about going on hiking. There are several hiking trails in LA you can go with your family with friends. Parents can take a walk with their toddlers in stroller-friendly hiking trails.


9) Bike Riding


Biking with the family is one of the best activities to spend some quality time. Playing around on your bikes with the family on Christmas day can be a tradition for some. Have a look at the different bike riding paths in Los Angeles you can ride in groups.


10) Christmas Day Celebration at Queen Mary


Queen Mary is a good place in Los Angeles to chill with family. During this time of the year, Long Beach’s temperature is quite low. Put up on your winter clothes and enjoy the ice skating, holiday decorations, gingerbread housing, caroling, and especially boatloads of Christmas Day cheer.


11) The Bunny Museum


The Bunny Museum is a place in Los Angeles everyone should visit once. This museum remains open on almost all holidays including Christmas Day. If you’re in Los Angeles on this Christmas, grab this opportunity to visit this museum. This place meets your Christmas Day expectations and still surprising. The place is open and you can visit anytime.


12) Sand Sledding


It is believed that for proper sledding in few areas of the country, i.e., Los Angeles, you have to get cold & wet. This place is Southern California and people sled at the beach here. There are different LA area beaches, for example, The Venice Beach that gets annual sand berms. To bring this in the notice of those people who are not aware, every year the city collects a huge amount of sand to provide a safeguard to the beach community against violent surf and winter storms.

13) Snow Tubing and Sledding


Snow tubing and sledding is an amazing thing for SoCal (South California) kids and people to do during the winters and especially on Christmas Day. The mixture of cold air, snow, velocity, and other factors makes tubbing and sledding endlessly enticing. Driving out of your city and hitting the slopes and the highways to enjoy tubing and sledding can be little hectic on other days of the winter season. Whereas, the same thing seems pretty good and exciting on Christmas Day. Maximum tubing parks are open on this day as long as there is no rain.


14) El Capitan: Mary Poppins Returns


Whether your kid believe in Santa or not, but everyone believes in Mary. El Cap in Los Angeles provides long-awaited movie and many other things that turn this place into the best place to watch the movie in Los Angeles with family and friends. Christmas Day Hollywood Boulevard is very sparkly.


15) Zoo Safari Park of San Diego


Currently in San Diego? It means you’re nearby Los Angeles. Visiting the Safari Park of San Diego on Christmas Day is a great option for a memorable experience with your kids, family, and friends. The Safari Park offers a unique experience as compared to the main zoo. All the animals walk freely in an artificially created Africa. The visitors can observe these animals in different ways from a train, on a zip line, in a safari truck, or even on foot. Adventure is waiting for you at Zoo Safari Park on this special day. Grab this opportunity and get ready for an exciting day at Safari Park.


16) Chinatown


Do you remember the last time you have been to Chinatown? For those people who are wondering for a fun and exciting outing with the kids and other family members, Chinatown in Los Angeles is a perfect destination with sounds, delicious smells, and sights that your children are not gonna forget. Wander the place with your kids and give a try to delicious dishes. Most of the restaurants and shops of Chinatown remain unlocked on Christmas Day. In fact, having a Chinese mean on Christmas Day is like a tradition for several families.

17) Disneyland and Universal  


Planning for visiting Hollywood Disneyland/Universal studios? Don’t expect these places to be empty anytime, but as compared to other days in the winter season, Christmas Day is a better pick to explore one of these big parks in the city. Both parks remain open, featuring special Christmas highlights including a light show, Small World revamps, and the Christmas parade at Disneyland, and the holiday nights and Grinchmas over Hogwarts at Universal. This can be a perfect treat for families on Christmas Day.


18) Visit Santa Barbara Zoo


Santa Barbara Zoo is a kid-pleasing place to the north. This zoo promotes the enhancement, conservation, and preservation of nature and its alive treasures through research, recreation, and education. Exploring this trip on Christmas Day is an annual tradition. The zoo is on both Christmas Evening as well on Christmas Day until 3 pm. Come and spend some quality time with your close ones while having a look at the zoo.


19) The New Beverly Cinema: Christmas Double Feature


Christmas Day is a great occasion to introduce your children to something antique or old-fashioned silly. With a double feature of comedies, The Beverly Cinema maintains the tradition of Christmas Day each year. First one is the Hardy & Laurel comedy classic Babes in Toyland (aka March of the Wooden Soldiers). The second is the iconic Horse Feathers by the Marx Brothers at 3:40.


20) Hit the Nearby Beach


There are many beaches for families and kids in Orange County & Los Angeles. It can be a little chilly option at this time of the year, but quite interesting. Hit a beach and enjoy the endless family activities and attractions.


21) Canter’s Deli


Maximum delis in Los Angeles remain open on Christmas Day. Canter’s Deli delivers a genuine deli-style experience. Take your family and kids to this place for dinner on this special day to make it even more special. If you are a native of this place, you must have some stories to tell your other family members. Discuss your past experiences with your kids and bring an interesting twist in the evening. Here, you are going to find an endless menu list for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


22) Skyslide


Have you survived all the holiday challenges? Why not try something different and scary? Are you ready to take a ride of sky slide? This is a fully enclosed, 45-foot long sky slide that ends at the outside of the US Bank Tower. Experience and see the city from a new perspective by riding nearly 1,000 feet above Downtown Los Angeles.


23) Knightly Dinner Theatre: Medieval Times


Medieval Times can be a great idea to celebrate this Christmas in a different way if planned wisely. Enjoy the non-veg and do some fun activities. There are many options for the vegetarians too.


24) Take a Visit to Different Movie Locations


Los Angeles is the film-making capital and there can be many cool and surprising things to see around the city. Become a traveler in your own city and take a ride to click some silly photos. Browse the 10 iconic Los Angeles movie locations made popular by Movies and TV and finalize one to explore with family and friends on Christmas Day (The Brady House is the one name in this list).


25) Plan a Visit to the Slopes


Snowboarding and Skiing with kids is another good option to do in Los Angeles on Christmas Day. Hit the ski slopes with your close ones. There are so many options for you to select from such as Mt. Baldy, Mountain High, Snow Valley, Bear Mountain, and more. This Christmas Day outing to ski resorts is a perfect Christmas gift for you and your family.


These are some of the fun places which remain open on Christmas Evening and on Christmas Day. Browse the list with your family, choose any place, and get ready to make your holidays a wonderful experience for the whole next year.

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