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Cavaletti Vineyards: Santa Barbara’s Delicious Boutique Winery

If you are headed to Ventura, Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara counties and looking to taste hand-crafted vineyard-driven vines, then Cavaletti Vineyards is where you should visit.

The main focus of Cavaletti Vineyards is to produce wines that are made in the local regions. The philosophy of winemaking is simple at Cavaletti Vineyards. They interpret each vintage and use it to make outside-the-box wine. The vineyard practices aim at using natural resources and make exceptional wines for the next generation. They have multiple vineyards and also partnered with several farmers in the region.

The artisan wines of Cavaletti Vineyards are released two times in a year. These are easily available at selected restaurants and retailers in Southern California.


Cavaletti Vineyards has 4 vineyards, namely:

▪     Russak Ridge Vine, Ventura County

▪     Swayze Vineyards, Antelope Valley Of The High Desert AVA

▪     Lewis Vineyard, Ventura County

▪     Cracked Earth Vineyard, Ventura County




Cavaletti Vineyards has two collection range – 2016 Collection and 2017 Collection.


2016 Collection includes– The 109 Mile Syrah and The 109 Mile Grena

2017 Collection includes– 109 Mile Rosé


Become a Member


If you want to join Cavaletti Vineyards and want to stay updated with every new launch or any offer, then join their mailing list. With their mailing list, you can get every information and detail about their new flavor launch etc. They make limited production wines that are released to the mailing list of the subscribers two times every year.

Wrapping the post

As a wine lover, if you want to enjoy the mouth-watering taste of hand-made smooth wine, then Cavaletti Vineyards is your ultimate destination. If you want to know their current release, without further hold-up, visit https://cavalettivineyards.com/

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