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Original Sin Cider Launches a Series of Unfiltered Single Varietal Ciders

Original Sin Hard Cider is pleased to announce the upcoming release of a series of unfiltered single varietal ciders made with freshly pressed New York apples.  These ciders will allow consumers to experience the unique flavor characteristics of a range of classic apples. The first of the series – Original Sin Unfiltered McIntosh Cider – will be available in early December 2018.

Original Sin has selected four iconic apples for the launch of this new product line.  Each of the chosen apples has a long history of being grown in the Finger Lakes and Hudson Valley regions of New York State.  New York is the second-largest apple producing state and boasts the most diverse selection of apple varieties in the country.

McIntosh  (Origin:  Canada, 1811)
In the early 19th Century, John McIntosh noticed a young apple tree growing on his property in Ontario, near the U.S. border.  Delighted by the delicious fruit produced by the tree, he sold seeds to his neighbors hoping to popularize this new type of apple.  It took him years to realize that apples do not grow true to seed and that varietal propagation could only be achieved through grafting.  Today the McIntosh is commonly grown in Canada, New England and Michigan, in addition to New York.  The aromatic McIntosh with a distinct white flesh and a vinous flavor is coveted for fresh eating and cider production.  Notably, Apple Inc.’s Macintosh computer is named after this well-loved apple.

About Original Sin Cider
Established in 1996, Original Sin is one of the first of the modern generation of U.S. cider companies. With $5K in funds, founder Gidon Coll began producing cider in upstate New York and then went bar to bar in New York City developing the early market base.  Today, Original Sin is still 100% independently owned and is distributed in 30 U.S. states and Japan.

Original Sin’s sales have increased by 50% in 2018.  An important factor in the sales increase has been the release of several highly regarded ciders.  The new Original Sin Black Widow Cider has proved particularly popular.  “We were pleasantly surprised by the response to the Black Widow.  This cider has developed a cult-like following,” remarked Mr. Coll, Original Sin’s founder and president.

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