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Mumm Napa Kicks Off 2018 Harvest August 15 With Winery Celebration

Mumm-Napa-Pernod Ricard USA
Mumm-Napa-Pernod Ricard USA

Wednesday marked the first day of Mumm Napa’s 2018 harvest and things started off early in the morning in the Napa Valley, as workers began picking Pinot Noir grapes from a vineyard in southern Napa. The crop looks outstanding so far, said Mumm Napa’s winemaker, and yields were slightly higher than average.

The Mumm Napa vineyard team started picking grapes as the sun rose over the horizon at the Muir-Hanna Vineyard in southern Napa. The first truckload of freshly picked grapes rolled into Mumm Napa’s Rutherford winery around 10:30 a.m., where their arrival was celebrated by winemaker Ludovic Dervin. Dervin gave a traditional toast to the start of harvest followed by a dramatic “sabering” of a bottle of Mumm Napa sparkling wine. The winery’s celebratory kickoff concluded with winery workers participating in a cork-pop “salute,” simultaneously popping corks in unison, spraying each other and excited onlookers with bubbly.


The 2018 vintage has been marked by welcomed plentiful winter rain, followed by warm summer afternoon temperatures and cool nights, for a steady and even ripening that pushed Mumm Napa’s harvest into the second week of August this year.

The weather was ideal for Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes, which are the primary varieties used in making sparkling wine. Both are traditionally harvested at lower ripeness levels than those used to create still wine.

Napa Valley

The balanced warm afternoon and cold night temperatures provided perfect hang time for fruit to maintain optimal acidity and develop a fruit flavor complexity. Approximately 35 tons of Pinot Noir were harvested by Mumm Napa early Wednesday morning.

“This growing season has been near perfect in Napa Valley,” said winemaker Ludovic Dervin. “We’ve had prime ripening conditions, allowing for slow flavor development, as well as complexity and freshness.”

Mumm Napa is one of California’s top sparkling wine producers and one of the most popular destinations for wine country visitors. For more than 20 years, Mumm Napa sparkling wines have set the standard for California méthode traditionnelle sparkling wine, emphasizing the exceptional qualities of Napa Valley fruit along with the unique casual elegance of the Napa Valley lifestyle.

The winery and visitor center are located in Rutherford along the Silverado Trail in the Napa Valley and are open daily for tours, tastings and private events. For additional information, please visit

SOURCE Pernod Ricard USA

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