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Olive Oil World Tour: Olive Oils Fly to 37 Cities in 17 Countries

Olive Oil World Tour: Olive Oils Fly to 37 Cities in 17 Countries

Olive oil seeks new consumers in Europe. The Spanish Olive Oil Interprofessional, through its brand “Olive Oils from Spain“, and the European Union, have launched a new promotional action framed within the Olive Oil World Tour campaign, aimed at European markets.

The co-financed campaign, by the EU, under the motto “Let’s Make a Tastier World” will include informative actions at main airports, train stations and cruise terminals. Also, an A319 aircraft from Iberia airline with the image of olive oils will fly to 37 airports in 17 countries and leave more than one million impacts in six months.

More than 1,000 million passengers travelled by air in the Continent during 2017, which shows the enormous potential of the campaign to encourage consumption.

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This campaign is aimed to the multicultural, traveling and international target of these countries; to consumers looking for the latest trends and a happy and healthy lifestyle. Tourists will live a complete experience around Olive Oils, as if they were for a moment at the heart of the Mediterranean diet, thanks to a multichannel campaign that has been developed to make Olive Oils available to travelers.

Those in transit will receive an invitation on their mobile phone to immerse themselves in the culture of olive oil in the Olive Oil Lounges, unique spaces that will be installed in key points of maximum concentration, such as airports, train stations and ports, where these consumers are more receptive to embrace new products and enjoy them in their leisure time.

They will also have the opportunity to taste the exquisite taste of the gold liquid in the express tastings of the product adapted to the rhythm of the boarding areas and admire the exhibition of the best extra virgin olive oils of Europe, and Spain.

An ambitious campaign developed for the main channels where our main target interacts; people over 25 years old, urban, with upper-middle income that like to discover and experience new things. They will discover that, thanks to olive oils, they’ll have a better, tastier and healthier world.

Diane Borget
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