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Shortlist of Video Editors for YouTube Honored by Popular Online Video Cutter

Youtube YT Cropper

Millions of users have visited the popular online video cutting tool – YT Cropper – to make short clips to easily share on websites, social media, or in emails. Recently, this tool has partnered with the well-known online research organization 10 Best Production to produce a curated list of YT Cropper’s favorite full-suite video editors for YouTube.

Though YT Cropper is itself a form of YouTube editing, it was not designed to be a full-suite video editor for YouTube videos. Instead, it serves the more specific purpose of generating easy-to-create and easy-to-share embeds and links for sections of YouTube videos.

For this purpose, YT Cropper stands alone as the best option available online due to its user-friendly interface, functionality, and speed. As a result of years of experience dealing with YouTube videos, the staff of this tool are also well-versed in adjacent video editing technology.

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For this reason, the team spent significant time crafting a list of their top choices for best video editors with a focus on how that might translate to YouTube users. This means ease-of-use and an intuitive interface were key in the selection process. Additionally, price-to-value analysis played a large part in how YT Cropper developed its list.

Atop this list is the Movavi Video Editor which provides movie-quality post production software at an entry-level cost.

SOURCE 10 Best Network

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