Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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Wine Tasting US Open Championship Announces 2018 Team USA

Wine tasting enthusiasts from around the state competed in the US Open Blind Wine Tasting Competition to become Team USA at the upcoming World Wine Tasting...

“Pour Into Sandy” Santa Clarita Hurricane Relief on Nov 14

In an effort to offer assistance to those hurt by Hurricane Sandy, members of the community of Santa Clarita, with the assistance of Cheers...

‘How About We’ makes Online Dating Suck Less

We've all dated online right?  It's our generation, it's what we do.  We put up somewhat discrete, sometimes overtly sexual images of ourselves in...

Gary Vaynerchuk is back and He Brought some Wine [video]

We've been through this before.  Yes, I like some good wine.  While I do enjoy learning about it, I ca't always find the time. ...

Web Celeb Gary Vaynerchuk shows us Wine Library [video]

We know...we’re late to the game on this.  Maybe you are too.  If you are late, welcome.  If not, please step on-board and permit...



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