Ideea Factory is the in-house engine that powers Daily Ovation and offers many services to help your brand find success using both the internet and personal experiences:

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Below youʼll find our services offered, some of our current and previous client roster, client case studies and testimonials. For more information, please contact:

We have helped our clients find success in the following industries:

Arts/Performance, Authors, Charities, Fashion, Finance, Industrial, Publishing Companies, Real Estate, Self-help, Stylists.


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1.  Author

Goal: To strengthen online awareness, create audience engagement and loyalty. To build this traffic into online sales.

Results: After being in business over 10 years, this past black Friday (2010) the author received more than 5x the sales of any other year. Sales were attributed to online sales based on Twitter traffic.

2. Performer

Goal: To create online awareness and engagement to build a loyal audience and sell tickets to in-person performances.

Results: New Facebook fan page received over 60,000 “likes” after creation. We used the fan page to promote upcoming performances and received sold-out audiences per each campaign.

3. New Author

Goal: To create online awareness for a new children’s book author with a series of books, apps and games.

Results: Using social media, she received over 20,000 website hits during 2-hour campaign after engaging her audience.

4. Charity

Goal: We were only hired for SEO and article syndication. We were invited to a “press day” among over a dozen other journalists and media outlets.

Results: Our article was published and syndicated 3 days later. From that moment until 70 days later our article was ranked #2, 5, 6, 7, 9 out of over 10,000 search results. For the next 60 days our article remained with several top ten results.