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Crush Your Jitter-Free Energy Goals with Green Organic Hydration – Award Winning Science-Backed Drink

Crush Your Jitter-Free Energy Goals with Green Organic Hydration – Best New Organic Product Award Winner, GREEN, Revolutionizes Energy and Hydration With Their Science-Backed Drink

GREEN surpasses traditional energy drinks, offering three times faster levels of hydration. Its organic energizing electrolyte hydration mix leverages hydration science coupled with essential electrolytes and 80+ trace ionic minerals to tackle dehydration and its widespread effects.

The proprietary blend of clean ingredients includes antioxidants, polyphenols, and nootropic caffeine, enhancing mental focus, motivation, physical performance, and supporting overall health and immunity.

GREEN is the brainchild of a wife and husband team, Nelli, an ER doctor, and Alan, a pilot with a background in organic farming. Their demanding lifestyles led them to a universal need – sustained energy and hydration. Their unique blend of expertise and passion for elevating and improving the energy drink market is evident in every sip of GREEN. The industry has taken notice.

Go GREEN and Crush Your Jitter-Free Energy Goals! Best New Organic Product Award Winner, GREEN, Revolutionizes Energy and Hydration With Their Science-Backed Drink

Awarded Nexty Finalist in the Best New Organic Product in 2024 at the recent Expo West, GREEN is a game-changer in an industry long-overdue for new players.

You don’t have to be an athlete or marathon runner to enjoy its energy drink (although they love it!). Everyday folks can create a daily ritual that satisfies hydration and tastes delicious anytime of day or afternoon. on YouTube on YouTube

GREEN is formulated for optimal bioavailability to ensure effective nutrient absorption. Experience how an optimal ratio of sodium and glucose facilitates rapid energy release, while the caffeine offers sustained energy, preventing sudden crashes. Its natural ingredients support healthy skin, increase energy, sharpen focus, enhance mood, and promote gut health. Its science-backed ORT-based formulation aids swift recovery, reduces cramping, bolsters immunity, minimizes bloating, and counters inflammation. With GREEN, you’re not just getting a drink, you’re getting an organic health boost.

Morning Ritual ($74.99/30 servings) – Salty, creamy, and chocolaty with 2,000mg of mood-enhancing ceremonial cacao per serving and 180mg of raw green coffee bean caffeine. Harnesses ORT to help combat dehydration and hangover symptoms naturally and effectively. Also replenishes the body with essential electrolyte and flavonoids to elevate mood and improve mental clarity to bounce back to your best self easier.

Afternoon Ritual ($74.99/30 servings) – Salty, smooth, and tropical, infused with 180mg of raw green coffee bean caffeine. This unique hydration blend delivers a smooth energy boost that sharpens focus and ignites your metabolism. Choose from Lime, Guava, and Pineapple.

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Green Organic Hydration

Every packet of GREEN Organic Hydration is a dedication to breaking the cycle of dehydration and over-caffeination with organic, sustainable, and scientifically supported hydration solutions. Made with intentional ingredients backed by the science of hydration and the power of nature.

The result?

A drink that offers rapid hydration and a smooth energy boost without the jitters or crash. As proud members of 1% for the Planet, the brand commits to health, sustainability, and the well-being of our communities. Follow them on Instagram @drinkgreendaily.

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