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1800 Tequila Debuts 1800 GuachiMonton, New Luxury Anejo bottled in Red Ceramic

1800 Tequila Debuts 1800 GuachiMonton, New Luxury Anejo bottled in Red Ceramic

The first añejo finished in orange tequila liqueur casks honors the shared terroir of the Tequila Valley and the UNESCO World Heritage site Los Guachimontones

1800® Tequila, the world’s most awarded tequila brand, cements its status as the world’s number one super premium tequila with the release of 1800 GuachiMonton™: the first luxury añejo tequila aged in American and French Oak barrels and finished in orange tequila liqueur casks. 

Honoring the legacy and agriculture of the Tequila Valley, 1800 GuachiMonton is presented in a red ceramic trapezoidal-shaped keepsake bottle with a distinctively made wooden circular cap, inspired by the pyramids and red clay found throughout the UNESCO World Heritage site of Los Guachimontones.

1800 GuachiMonton is crafted starting with 100% Blue Weber agave, grown and matured between six to eight years and sourced from a single estate in the lowlands regions of the Tequila Valley. 

The harvested agave is cooked for a duration of 40 hours in masonry ovens, distilled twice and then matured in both American and French Oak barrels for a minimum of 12 months. 

The golden amber Añejo liquid is then married together and finished in casks that once held orange tequila liqueur, creating a well-structured and complex tequila with a fresh citrus finish.

Inspired by the jewel of Jalisco, Los Guachimontones, the red bottle and wooden cap take shape from the circular pyramids dating back to before the Hispanic era, where communities would gather for ceremonial rituals. 

To protect and preserve this shared heritage, 1800 Tequila will be providing long term support to conserve the UNESCO site, its museum and the cultural, art and educational initiatives tied to the area.

“1800 GuachiMonton not only represents the roots of Mexican tradition and culture but also Mexican terroir and ritual.” 

Alex Coronado

Master Distiller and Head of Production 


“A nod to the fragrant orange trees surrounding the pyramids of Los Guachimontones and our family-owned distillery, the liquid is inspired by the timeless ritual of plucking fresh oranges to garnish a glass of Añejo. Its decadent and persistent orange citrus flavor profile provides a premium, modern twist to an already luxurious Añejo tasting experience.”


1800 GuachiMonton can be best enjoyed neat, on the rocks, in a traditional cocktail like an Old Fashioned or by exploring a new tequila tasting ritual and pairing with Mexican chocolate. 1800 GuachiMonton is first available in California and Texas with a suggested retail price of $159.99 USD per 750ml bottle. 

For more information about 1800 GuachiMonton, visit 1800Tequila.com.


About 1800® Tequila:
1800 Tequila, the world’s most awarded tequila and the #1 super premium tequila brand in the U.S. 2, is made with 100% Blue Weber Agave harvested at its peak in Tequila, Mexico. 


Named after the year of origin, 1800 Tequila has never wavered from its original formula and distillation process. 


Now, as the best taste in tequila, 1800 Tequila has reached category leadership through its liquid superiority, deep-rooted Mexican heritage and culture-driving collaborations with musicians and artists. The iconic bottle is also recognized for its trapezoidal shape, reminiscent of the centuries-old Mayan stone pyramids found throughout Mexico. 

Please visit 1800Tequila.com and on Instagram @1800tequila to learn more about the 1800 Tequila portfolio.


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