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Wine Lovers Cameron Diaz, Katherine Power introduce White & Rosé Cans to Avaline Lineup

Wine Lovers Cameron Diaz, Katherine Power introduce White & Rosé Cans to Avaline Lineup

Co-Founders, Cameron Diaz & Katherine Power, Introduce White & Rosé Cans to the Avaline Lineup

The transparent wine brand Avaline, from co-founders Cameron Diaz (wellness author: The Body Book, The Longevity Book) and Katherine Power (Who What Wear, Versed Skincare, Merit), invites you to enjoy their best-selling White and Rosé wines in a new way with the release of perfectly-portioned cans.



Their latest line features the same bottle quality the brand is already known for, now in a convenient, portable format, so that a crisp sip of Avaline can be enjoyed wherever, whenever.

Avaline’s full line of wines are made with organic grapes, vegan-friendly, contain less than 1g of sugar per serving and free of unwanted extras like colors and concentrates. With ingredients and serving facts on every can, the Avaline community never has to question the quality.


Already beloved for their light, fresh taste, Avaline White and Rosé are now available in 250ml cans at select retailers and on the brand’s website.

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Each 4-pack adds up to a generous portion of 1.3 bottles that’s perfect for sharing, or for the solo sipper who wants to enjoy a single can and save the rest for another day. Sip freely this season, with no corkscrew, glassware or even plans required!

“Our new Avaline White and Rosé cans offer a convenient way to enjoy your favorite Avaline wines.

Just pop them in your bag and bring them anywhere,

whether that’s an afternoon picnic, a gathering in your friend’s backyard or just hanging at home,”

shares Cameron.

Volume sales for canned wine have grown consistently over the last 5 years, according to BevAlc Insights.

As the canned wine category grows, Avaline, like many winemakers, is striving to meet elevated consumer expectations in what they are looking for from canned wine.

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Jumping on the opportunity, Avaline has put their best-selling bottled White & Rosé in a new convenient can, further championing their mission to make clean, delicious wine accessible to all — in a variety of packaging styles available at your local retailer or delivered straight to your door.


In the Ultra Premium price segment over the latest 26 weeks (ending Feb 20, 2022 / IRI-SPINS), Avaline White is the #1 best-seller in the Other White Blend Category while Avaline Rosé has reached #6 in the extremely crowded Rosé Category.

“We’re proud to join the fast-growing canned wine sector

with the introduction of our top-selling White and Rosé wines

in a convenient, new format.

Our cans stand out with quality, transparency, sustainability and elevated design. We feel confident they will appeal to our loyal community and new wine lovers alike,”

says Katherine.

Avaline White and Rosé can 4-packs are $28 on the brand’s website and $21.99 SRP at select retailers (pricing may vary). Find Avaline cans near you at For additional information, visit and follow along @avaline.


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