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Sodastream partners with 2019’s #1 World’s Best Bar to Launch At Home Kit

Sodastream partners with 2019’s #1 World’s Best Bar to Launch At Home Kit

SodaStream Brings Customers a New Way to Enjoy Fresh Sparkling Beverages at Home with the New Art Machine and Creation of the “SodaStream x Dante” Cocktail Kit.



SodaStream announces its new Art Sparkling Water Maker is officially being sold at retailers nationwide, and the brand is offering consumers a new and exciting way to create custom beverages from the comfort of home.

The world’s leading sparkling water brand is celebrating the launch with a first-of-its-kind partnership with New York City-based Dante, the renowned cocktail destination and 2019’s #1 World’s Best Bar.

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The Art sparkling water maker brings a new sophisticated look to the dynamic SodaStream line-up and consumers will love the fusion of style, innovation, and function that the Art brings to in-home beverage creation.

As SodaStream continues to lead the charge in the sparkling water category, they sought out a partner that leads in their own industry, and Dante was the perfect fit with their expertise in cocktail trends and beverage innovation.

Dante and SodaStream worked in tandem to create cocktails that reflect the taste and sophistication you expect when visiting Dante, all while using SodaStream sparkling water to complement and enhance the flavor experience.

The recipes featured within the cocktail book range in flavors, appealing to a variety of different palates including Dante’s unique take on a Paloma, Moscow Mule and a Spritzer.

Even better, these drinks are all eco-friendly as each SodaStream saves thousands of single-use plastic bottles from ending up in landfills or oceans.

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As one of the key pillars of the partnership, SodaStream and Dante created an elevated cocktail kit that will bring Dante’s mixology expertise to the world of at-home beverage making.

The limited-edition SodaStream x Dante Art Limited Edition Cocktail Kit comes equipped with all the tools customers need to be their own professional mixologist: a cocktail book with three brand new, never-before-seen recipes created by Dante’s elite mixologists, as well as a custom shaker and jigger.

The cocktail kit perfectly complements the new Art Sparkling Water Maker as users seek exciting ways to utilize the functional yet stylish machine.

“Our collaboration with Dante is truly the perfect pairing.

Dante is a brand that values taste, flavor and customization

– three of our top priorities at SodaStream,”

says Mark Fenton, U.S. General Manager at SodaStream.

“We truly believe that sparkling water is what you make it and we are excited to provide sparkling water aficionados with an exciting addition to their routine that gives them more creative freedom than ever before.”

“The SodaStream Art Sparkling Water Maker is a beautiful machine that makes carbonating water even more fun and experiential, so we had a great time developing these recipes together,” says Linden Pride, Principal at Dante. “We’re happy to see this unique, one-of-a-kind collaboration come to life and provide a taste of Dante in the homes of SodaStream users across the country.”

Consumers can purchase the SodaStream x Dante Art Limited Edition Cocktail Kit as a part of the Art Sparkling Water Maker bundle at for $179.99.

The Art elevates the sparkling water experience and stands apart from other SodaStream machines with its slim silhouette, retro design, stainless-steel trim, and unique carbonating lever. The machine also features SodaStream’s new patent-pending Quick Connect technology, allowing consumers to simply click the carbonating cylinder into place. Additionally, the Art comes with a BPA free 1-liter dishwasher safe reusable bottle, which saves thousands of single-use plastic bottles from ending up in oceans or landfills.

About SodaStream
SodaStream, part of PepsiCo, is the world’s leading sparkling water-maker brand. SodaStream enables consumers to enjoy endless good bubbles at home, without hassle, and help save the planet. SodaStream bubbles are better for the consumer – healthy, easy to make, light to carry – and better for the planet – replacing up to thousands of single-use plastic bottles with one reusable SodaStream bottle.

To learn more about SodaStream visit and follow SodaStream on FacebookInstagram and YouTube.

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