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Dubai Tourism Launches Generation Z Competition

The Emirate Dubai Tourism launches app-based competition to encourage Generation Z to visit.

The Emirate of Dubai launched a competition dedicated to Italian students to spread knowledge of its territory.

“The more you know Dubai, the more chances you will have to visit it for free”

is the message and the goal of the project created by the Dubai Tourism Board (DTB).



The DTB has chosen thefacultyapp of the Italian edutainment startup for its strong link with university students – Generation Z also known as Gen Z or Zoomers – which will be involved every day with quizzes and prizes.

Gen Z are those born from the mid to late 1990s through the early 2010s.

There are many prizes up for grabs

including 2 Emirates airline tickets for 2 to discover the history, culture, and architectural icons that have made Dubai famous around the world.

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The idea of the prize competition stems from the desire to promote the area especially among the generation of Italian students who will be able to use their knowledge to win not only flights to Dubai but also 1,600 euros as a gift card.

The rules are simple: participants will have to answer 5 questions every day, which they will find on thefacultyapp, about the history and culture of Dubai.

For each correct answer, they will have the chance to win the coveted prize offered by the DTB.

Thefacultyapp allows its users to challenge each other on the concepts learned at school and the university to obtain discounts from the startup’s partner companies, an innovative digital marketing channel that allows the opportunity to virtually meet Generation Z and engage them effectively.

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“We followed all the logistical, legal and design aspects,” explained Christian Drammis, CEO of thefacultyapp, “with the aim of creating a complete and engaging experience for our users, giving them the opportunity to visit a territory rich in excellence and providing to DTB an engaging, and at the same time unconventional, solution to tell about Dubai and its thousands of opportunities.”

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