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Happy Pet Parents for Happy New Year with Tailored Pet

Tailored Pets wants to help Pet Parents this New Year with personalized, direct-to consumer dog food and treat brand announces exclusive offers to start your pup’s year off on the right paw.

It’s resolution time, and for many Americans, that means committing to improving the health and wellness of themselves and their family members, and furry family members don’t need to be left out!

Tailored Pet helps Pet Parents Kick Off 2022 on the Right Paw with 80% off Personalized Dog Food + Two Free Gifts! Use code NEWYEAR80 at checkout.

To help make the commitment to better health easier than ever for pet parents, personalized dog food and treat brand, Tailored Pet announced today that it will offer an exclusive Healthy New Year promotion, which includes an 80 percent discount on personalized food, plus two free gifts.



Tailored Pet helps pet parents kick off 2022 with 80% off personalized food for their pup. Code NEWYEAR80

New Year, New Commitment to Better Heath

“Whether it’s starting a new workout routine or making healthier nutrition choices,

many of us use the month of January to set goals and intentions for the new year, and why not include your furry companion in the process,”

said Steve Joyce, CEO of Tailored Pet.

To help pet parents kick off their pup’s new year on the right paw, beginning Monday, January 10, Tailored Pet will offer a special Healthy New Year Promotion, including an 80 percent discount on a first subscription order of Tailored’s vet-approved personalized dog food, crafted for the unique needs of each pup, plus two free gifts, a fun rope tug toy and an adorable winter bandana.

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To take advantage of this limited time offer, pet parents can click here to take the brand’s quick three-minute quiz to receive their dog’s personalized recipe recommendation and enter code NEWYEAR80 at checkout.

The brief questionnaire asks detailed questions about the consumer’s dog, ranging from gender and breed size to specific food sensitivities and wellness concerns. Using this information, the brand’s canine nutrition experts recommend a personalized recipe tailored to each pet’s individual needs to help them live their healthiest, happiest life.

Each personalized Tailored recipe also comes with a bamboo food scoop, and the company offsets 100 percent of its carbon emissions from shipping and follows strict food safety procedures and practices, so pet parents can feel confident about safely feeding Tailored to furry family members, while doing something good for the Earth, too.

Add On for Extra Puppy Love

In addition to the brand’s personalized dog food designed specifically to help dogs live their healthiest lives, the brand also offers a new line of soft and chewy treats, which are tailored to the unique needs of puppy, adult and senior pooches. These drool-worthy treats can be added on to subscription orders or purchased separately.

Click here to add treats to your order today. Your pup will thank you!

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New Boxes and Merchandise, Now Available on Facebook and Instagram Shopping

“At Tailored, we’re dedicated to helping all pets live their healthiest, happiest lives,”

Mr. Joyce said “and that doesn’t stop with food.”

Mr. Joyce when on to explain that the brand is also thrilled to now offer limited-edition treat boxes, which include two bags of Tailored’s Soft and Chewy Treats, in both beef and chicken flavors, as well as a fun plush mitten toy and interactive feeding treat ball. These boxes are fun, engaging and can help beat the winter boredom pups in cold climates are experiencing this time of year. They also make a great gift for the special pup in your life. Click here to order your limited edition treat box today.

Tailored is also dedicated to helping animals in need through the sale of their new line of stylish merchandise designed to give back. A portion of proceeds from the sale of their merchandise items will be donated to charitable causes that help animals in need. The first organization the brand is supporting through the sales of its new merchandise is Joey’s Prosthetics and Wheelchairs (P.A.W.), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing prosthetics, wheelchairs and other mobility assistance devices to animals with special needs. Click here to learn more about Joey’s P.A.W.

To make shopping for these products easier than ever, the brand’s Soft and Chewy Treats, Winter Treat Boxes and merchandise are available on their website, as well Facebook and Instagram shopping.

Tailored® Pet is a direct-to-consumer, personalized pet food company dedicated to helping pets live their healthiest, happiest lives by personalizing recipes with the right nutrients for each dog’s unique needs. Each Tailored recipe is designed with highest-quality ingredients by pet nutritionists, approved by veterinarians, and shipped directly to the consumer’s door – free of charge – at the frequency they choose. What’s more, every Tailored blend is safely cooked in the USA, is fairly priced without retail markups, and comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. The company is also dedicated to feeding a healthier, happier Earth through several sustainability initiatives, including a recyclable packaging partnership with TerraCycle, carbon-neutral shipping to offset its carbon emissions, and printing materials on recycled paper.

To get started personalizing a recipe today, visit or to join our affiliate program, visit

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