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West Hollywood’s vodka classic Bar Lubitsch will re-open June 18

Bar Lubitsch, tucked into the Russian district of West Hollywood, is an art deco-styled vodka bar where classic turn-of-the-20th century refinement meets modern day comfort.

The bar will re-open in Los Angeles June 18


Over 200 vodkas can be enjoyed one shot at a time or as part of an extensive menu of handcrafted cocktails, using fresh, organic juices and herbs and house-made mixers that have made this bar a true pioneer of the craft cocktail movement in Los Angeles.

Named after revered filmmaker Ernst Lubitsch, Bar Lubitsch knows that by applying their own “Lubitsch touch”, they can create a memorable experience that – like great cinema – is always good for repeating over and over again.

Bar Lubitsch was applauded by the LA Weekly as “a bar with a retro vibe and bartenders who know how to make a classic cocktail strong.”

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