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BreakOut Music/Films Set To Start Production Of Its Christmas 2021 Trilogy “The Drone That Saved Christmas”

BreakOut Music and Films announces the production of its 2021 Christmas film “The Drone That Saved Christmas”, and is installment two of a holiday comedic trilogy, “The App That Stole Christmas” – the first film, was a huge hit on Netflix.

The film will star Rodney Perry (“Coming to America 2”, Tyler Perry’s “Madea’s Big Happy Family”), Miguel Nunez Jr. (“The Family Business” “Juwanna Mann”, “The App that Stole Christmas”), Angela Yee (“First Wives Club”, “Dave”), Tyler Perry’s talented cousin, Kevin “Lucky” Johnson (“Black and Blue”, “Queen & Slim”), Rashan Ali (“Sistas”, “Being Mary Jane”), Rickey Smiley famed comedians, Miss Juicy Baby, Special K, and Wanda Smith, along with actor Buddy Lewis and radio personality, Torae Carr.

“The Drone That Saved Christmas” chronicles, Barry Bryant, a wealthy tech entrepreneur who is compelled to return to his high-stress corporate life, while negotiating the needs of his pregnant wife right before Christmas. In the evolution, Barry must learn that “goodness is giving”, and not just to his family, but also to the world that needs him.

“The Drone That Saved Christmas” is a wonderful, uplifting story about family, work-balance challenges, and the convergence of technology during the holiday season. We are thrilled to have such a skilled ensemble cast to bring the story to life”, says co-writer and Director, Miriam Bavly.

“This cast has undeniable chemistry and energy that blew us all away during our first zoom “read and meet”.

The movie’s acclaimed patriarch, Miguel Nunez jr., will be leading the pack, playing the role of Gramps, often opposite Rodney Perry, who exclaimed:

“I couldn’t be more excited to save Christmas. I am honored to work with this team and the Great Miguel Nunez.”

For Nunez, who said, “This script is perfect for me, and I didn’t realize the writers wrote my character with me in their heads”.

Co-writer and producer, JayQ The Legend is thrilled to have Nunez back for their second holiday film, “Miguel is a super talent”, says Legend “a real leader on set and everyone who gets to work with him will get a taste of his genius”. “The App that Stole Christmas”, a 2020 holiday film currently on Netflix, also starred Nunez, written by the Bavly and John writing team, and 100% financed by their company, BreakOut Music.

“The Drone That Saved Christmas”, focuses on family values and the intersection with technology. For Miriam Bavly, Harvard Alum and Co-CEO of BreakOut Music, this will be her directorial debut.

Billboard artist and co-writer, JayQ The Legend, is creating the soundtrack, for “The Drone That Saved Christmas”, along with pop artist, Gigi Vega. Legend also directed the soundtrack for “The App that Stole Christmas”, which yielded several, iTunes, Billboard radio hits.

With everyone having to pivot due to pandemic challenges, the BreakOut Music production team is making it a high priority to keep the cast safe from COVID-19. Along with regular testing and CDC protocol, the team has partnered with Israeli company, Sonovia, whose groundbreaking mask technology has 99% efficacy against viruses, bacteria, and fungi. “We wanted to have the safest set we could have. We aren’t playing any games with people’s health’, says Bavly.

Production on “The Drone That Saved Christmas” begins mid-March in Atlanta. Casting by Denise Howard Productions.

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