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Start the New Year Healthy! with New Docu Series ‘Healthy Long Life’

With 2021 already here, HEALTHY LONG LIFE – a new, seven-part docu series – reveals how to start the new year with keys to staying healthy while aging, featuring interviews from around the globe with leading longevity experts, chefs, cancer survivors and healthy centenarians – available now on Amazon Prime and Apple TV Streaming Box.

“Life expectancy is 79.9 years. Healthy life expectancy is 69.9 years,”

said series Creator and Director Daniel E. Kennedy.

“Too often, the last 10 years of life are spent in sickness, pain and paying expensive medical bills…”

“…The good news you’ll find in HEALTHY LONG LIFE is that it doesn’t have to be that way.”

Filmmakers traveled the world to explore practices and examples of healthy longevity in India, Mexico, Sardinia, Israel, ChinaEurope and Japan.

The series features a bonus eighth episode with expert commentary to help individuals rise up stronger from the coronavirus pandemic, cancer and heart disease. And going beyond interviews, HEALTHY LONG LIFE offers a global celebration of life, food, ancient healing traditions, dance and music.

The series features numerous experts in the fields of longevity and preventive medicine including Dr. Francisco Contreras, director of Oasis of Hope Hospital and an expert on alternative and integrative cancer treatments, and Dr. Dean Ornish, founder of the Preventive Medicine Research Institute in California and a professor at UC-San Francisco.

Interviews also include top researchers from The World Health Organization, Cancer Research UK, Max Planck Institute, Sorbonne University (Paris), Beijing University, Delhi University, McGill University and more.

Chefs from around the world demonstrate and discuss cooking great dishes that complement a healthy lifestyle. Practitioners of natural healing share traditional methods of pursuing longevity. And cancer survivors show how they use their extended lives to help others.

Kennedy is the author or co-author of 15 books on health including 50 Critical Cancer Answers and Undermining Cancer.


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