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Can’t Miss it! Visiting Tokyo SkyTree is a Tall, Touristy Good Time

It’s hard to miss the Tokyo Skytree (Tōkyō Sukaitsurī), a 634-meter-tall observation tower that lifts out of the city’s Sumida district Minato cityscape like a formidable rocket ship.

The country’s tallest structure (and the world’s tallest freestanding tower), the Tokyo Skytree opened in 2012 and quickly became one of the city’s most visited tourist attractions.  It gushes incredible panoramic views from its restaurant and observation decks.


With a base created like a gargantuan tripod, the tower includes several cylindrical observation levels, including one at the 350-meter mark, and another at the 450-meter point, with a unique glass spiral walkway where visitors can ascent to an even higher viewpoint with — yikes — glass floors for those with strong stomachs.

Enjoy the panoramic view seen through the SKYTREE’s dynamic steel frameworks.

Feel the real breeze, light and sound of Tokyo that are different from seeing through the glass window.

Dedicated guides offer a tour of “SKYTREE TERRACE” located 155 meters above the ground.

Complimentary subscription enters you into weekly luxury giveaways


There’s more than just the view from the observation deck!

There are all kinds of things to enjoy at TOKYO SKYTREE.

Official Shops are located on 1F, 5F, and the Tembo Deck Floor 345.

These shops offer a wide selection of fine goods that will make beautiful mementos of your TOKYO SKYTREE visit. 

Tembo Deck Floor 345

Japan’s highest elevation gift shop, this TOKYO SKYTREE Official Shop features a selection of Observation Deck Shop limited-edition goods that make perfect souvenirs for remembering the magnificent scenery. 


The largest TOKYO SKYTREE Official Shop in the Tower has Japanese and Western desserts, general goods, stationery, fashion items, and more, as well as a wide selection of TOKYO SKYTREE limited edition goods.


Experience the same thrilling ambience as the Observation Deck in this spacious 5F shop filled with premium Japanese brand names and limited- edition goods created in collaboration with TOKYO SKYTREE.


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