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14-Year Old Natural Hair Entrepreneur Lexi P. Announces Curlanistas Program [Video]

14-year old girl-boss, beauty entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker Lexi P. has quite recently declared the launch of her Curlanistas BO$$ Network. With an end goal to impart the message of her hair care brand, Curlanistas, the Curlanistas BO$$ Network means to not just engage little youngsters and teenagers to love and deal with their normal hair but also move toward becoming culr bosses by building up their very own Curlanistas online business.

In view of Lexi’s demonstrated system, that has earned national reach and viral exposure through social and digital channels, the Curlanistas BO$$ Network endeavors to support 1,000 young ladies between the ages of 6 – 16 toward business under the mentorship of Lexi P. herself.

“I started Curlanistas from the need to embrace my own natural hair after a childhood of being teased,” states Lexi. “Through self-love and personal empowerment, I overcame my hair struggles and even turned them into a lucrative business opportunity. There is nothing wrong with being natural. It is who we are, and we should be confident in our natural state. For this reason, I wanted to create a movement among other girls just like me where they too can learn to love their natural curls while taking their power back and pursuing their dreams.”

The system is composed of emerging bosses who have an excitement for dealing with and exhibiting their natural hair. They involve YouTube vloggers, bloggers, and even models.

They speak to the Curlanista way of life that involves styling their regular hair in great, unique, curly, wavy styles.

Also, a Curlanista BO$$ must be valiant enough to impart the world with tips for hair care and issues they experience as a Curlanista.

Curlanista gives these aspiring entrepreneurs support to enable the varied young ladies and help them become the best forms of themselves. Also, members are tutored by Lexi and a large group of different kidpreneurs who offer business authority tips and assets by means of month to month Curlanista Mentoring Sessions. Best yet, the program is FREE to join.

To become familiar with the Curlanistas BO$$ Network or to join, visit


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