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Moutai, Baccarat Camus offer ‘A Toast To The World’

In 2019 Moutai, Baccarat and Camus unite to make the first baijiu tasting set made of crystal. Assembled around a similar enthusiasm for art and extravagance, the three houses share their distinctive expertise and disclose this restrictive set, genuine image of Franco-Chinese fellowship. Called “Art of Toasting”, this quintet pays tribute to the Chinese convention of toast. Its very own artistic expression With its jar and its four glasses, this exceptional set commends the finer things throughout everyday life.

The readiness of the three Houses to make an extraordinary baijiu set is reflected here by the cutting edge and straight lines. The red shade of the Baccarat crystal echoes the Chinese culture and these ancestral yet living customs. Here, the precious stone is the reflection of the baijiu. Unadulterated and elaborate, exquisite and vivacious, conceived of the association of man and nature and requiring numerous hours and numerous hands to arrive at a definitive flawlessness. Facilitating an occasion at the Peninsula Beverly Hills in Los Angeles, the three houses spread the fragrance of MOUTAI over the world, sharing the Chinese culture and convention.


Cyril Camus was living in China in the mid-1990s when he initially become familiar with and entranced by baijiu by and large, and MOUTAI.

Persuaded of MOUTAI’s potential in the universal duty-free channel, and astonished by its absence of worldwide acknowledgment, he moved toward the producer in 2003.

With a huge responsibility to quality and to the brand’s principles and customs, the MOUTAI groups are devoted to their art. Those characteristics inspired French Cognac House, which offers similar qualities. Naturally, they entered a distribution agreement on the duty-free market with Kweichow MOUTAI Co., Ltd.

Together, CAMUS and MOUTAI combined their craftsmanship, ability and market understanding to develop an item that was perfectly equipped for travel retail customers: MOUTAI “Little Batch Blend.”

Created in 2005, it assumed a significant role in MOUTAI’s strategy to be presented as a universal extravagance brand to export markets. From its unassuming beginnings, when it was accessible in only a couple of airports and border shops, the brand was soon found in prominent duty-free outlets over Asia, making a genuine buzz in the travel retail channel. The renewal of the two organizations’ association in 2009 fortified MOUTAI’s brand extension, venturing into Europe and North America by 2010 and winning a first gold medal at the World Spirit Awards in 2012. In 2013, another travel retail exclusivity was presented with the launch of the new MOUTAI constrained release Legendary China Collection.



Kweichow MOUTAI Small Batch Blend is carefully blended by a team of master blenders from among the finest individual batches to ensure a perfect harmony of flavor and aromas. Clear and pure yet exceptionally fragrant, it has a fine, elegant and rich harmony of soy flavors that fills the air, lingering even after the glass has been emptied.

375 ml, $320 DF



Paying tribute to the greatest Chinese authors, the Legendary China Collection personifies their most eminent poets. Made from the finest Chinese porcelain, the refined and elegant bottle depicts the calligraphy and painting from the original poem.

The Legendary China Collection is the ultimate expression of Chinese literature and culture. Many classical Chinese poets, such as Li Bai and Du Fu wrote with conviction about the pleasures of drinking the traditional Chinese spirit Baijiu, of which MOUTAI is the finest example.

375 ml, $420 DF


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