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Canned Wine for the Win? It’s More Popular Than You Think

In ongoing history, popping the top on a super cold container of wine wasn’t generally a prominent thing—however now, we try a couple of canned wines out. A lot to shock, the quality wines  defeated generally wine pretentiousness, provoking further examination concerning this developing classification.

Union Wine Company’s Underwood Riesling Radler stands out, a combination of Riesling, hops, and grapefruit, marring canned wine packaging and craft beer. It is, “the beerification of wine,” claims Ryan Harms, Founder and Owner of Union Wine Company, a delicious, thirst-quenching refreshment on a warm sunny day, and only 3% alcohol per serving.


The Road Less Traveled

What started in 2003, with The Family Coppola’s presentation of Sofia Blanc de Blanc Mini—a 187 milliliter can sold with a straw, got a much need help in 2014, when Oregon’s Union Wine Company propelled its canned wine name, Underwood, offering Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris in 375 milliliter jars. “We needed to concoct an item that typified our organization’s way of thinking of making extraordinary art wine short all the complain,” shares Harms.


For quite a long time, canned wine was a non-class, after some time it gradually moved into a prevailing fashion, today it qualifies as an undeniable wine classification that keeps on developing. Nielsen reports off reason canned wine deals for the 52-week time frame finishing June 15, 2019, has risen 69% from the earlier year, totaling $79.3 million in deals up until this point. “Providers, wholesalers, retailers, and above all purchasers (particularly more youthful customers 21+), are proceeding to warm up to, and acknowledge canned wine positions. Canned wines are progressively conspicuous consistently, and the information propose this will be an enduring pattern, not a craze,” clarifies Danny Brager, Nielsen Corporation.



Why The Can

Witnessing the success of the growing canned wine category, many producers have decided to launch their own labels. Stoller Family Estates has played an important role in Willamette Valley wines for decades. In 2018, in a decision to strategically separate their brands, “Canned Oregon was born from the idea that wine should complement an active lifestyle, planning to the sense of adventure and possibility evoked by Oregon,” shares Gary Mortensen, President Stoller Wine Group.


SOURCE:  https://www.forbes.com/sites/michellewilliams/2019/08/28/is-the-future-of-wine-in-the-can/?

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