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Olives from Spain Reveals Three Easy and Delicious Recipes with Olives to Reinvent the Holiday Menu

Olives from Spain knows that the Holidays are just around the corner and with it come the dramas and headaches to choose the menu. The easy thing is to repeat the one of last year, the traditional menu, but if hosts want to do well with their guests, the indisputable queens of the Mediterranean Diet, European olives, cannot be missing from the table. Olives are a food that offers infinite gastronomic possibilities, thanks to its enormous variety and versatility. In addition, it is an original and healthy option (a natural source of antioxidant vitamin E) at a time when it is easy to fall into excesses.

Europe is a world leader in the production and export of table olives, and Olives from Spain continues to demonstrate its ability to adapt to the demands of consumers; since 83% of the olives consumed in the US are imported from Mediterranean countries and can be found in pizzas, sandwiches, salads, as an ingredient in an endless number of dishes, or directly as an appetizer.


Olives are a superfood that meet all the requirements to be the absolute protagonist of such important dates and turn your Holiday meals into gastronomic experiences. Here are three recipes that will elevate any Holiday menu with that characteristic Mediterranean flavor:


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