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Southern California Marketing: United Digital CEO Joe Wehinger has Easy Ways to Choose the right Non-Profit for Your Donations

As a company United Digital & Associates recognizes their good fortune to work with great Non-Profits regularly.  However, before they engage their digital marketing services it’s important to fully vet the organization and make sure their practices are sound toward their mission.  Once their research has satisfied themselves, they are able to execute awareness, community engagement, fundraising and more. Below United Digital & Associates explains some of their easy-to-follow vetting methods. An incredible resource that we encourage everyone to visit: Unfortunately crisis and emergencies can knock on your door at anytime. When such a tragedy occurs,, it is important to know how to deal with the situation and to know if the charitable donation you made is helping the people in need. So, before you respond to such organizations, double-check to see if you are protecting yourself and your donation.

React with the Right Intentions

Anything you give to needy is your heart-filled gratitude,especially in the wake of the disaster. So, take a few minutes before ensuring that the organization you will be going to support is trustworthy and has a good response effort. You can check about them online, where you can find reviews of their team, work, and results.

Consider Your Resources

It is always easy to see the video footage or pictures from the devastated areas and give clothing and food to people in need. But the most effective and useful gift in such a situation is cash. A money donation helps the charities to purchase supplies for the ever-changing needs of the affected people.

Look for a Long-term Solution

Rather than short-term, it is important to address the important and immediate needs of affected people. These could be in terms of shelter, medical relief, food, clothing and medical relief. Always give to established Charities

Always give to established Charities

At the times of crisis, you could see many charities asking for donations. Remember, all charities are not trustworthy. Look for a charity that has a proven track record. Make sure the charity you want to donate is 501(c) (3) registered.   It does take extra time and energy, but I promise it’s worth it rather than giving your hard-earned money to an illegitimate organization Read the full article at United Digital & Associate’s website.  
Diane Borget
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